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World Water Day

In honor of World Water Day Sisley-Paris pledges to donate 10% of sales today* to to change lives with safe water

In honor of World Water Day Sisley-Paris pledges to donate 10% of sales on March 22nd to to change lives with safe water


To raise awareness about the water crisis and motivate consumers to change lives, here are facts and figures to incorporate in your messaging:

• 844 million people — 1 in 9 — lack access to safe water.
• 2.3 billion people — 1 in 3 — lack access to a toilet.
• More people have a mobile phone than a toilet.
• Every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease.
• Water, sanitation and hygiene related disease kills nearly 1 million people each year.
• Women and children bear the primary responsibility for water collection.
• Women and children spend 258 million hours every day collecting water. This is time spent not working, caring for family members or attending school.
• Women and girls often spend up to 6 hours every day collecting water.
• Women and girls living without a toilet spend 266 million hours every day finding a place to go.
• Globally, 1/3 of all schools lack access to basic water and sanitation. is an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis. For more than 25 years, they've been providing families with hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

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