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Where Will Le Phyto Rouge Take You?

In the world of beauty, there is no better feeling than the rush of confidence and excitement that comes when you apply that perfect shade of lipstick.

So small yet so powerful, lipstick has the ability to complete your outfit or effortlessly enhance your features

NEW Le Phyto Rouge is finally here with 20 stunning shades to give you a world of possibilities at your fingertips – and we do mean world! Each moisturizing, long-lasting shade is named after a location that reflects the essence and personality of the shade.

10 Beige Jaipur

Just as Jaipur seamlessly blends ancient royal heritage within an ultra-modern, urban environment, this muted beige is a classic choice that lends itself to modern looks.

11 Beige Tahiti

With the richness and depth of a sunset over the crystal blue waters of Tahiti, this is a warm beige to subtly heat up your lip look.

12 Beige Bali

Many of Bali’s world-famous temples have a gorgeous burnt orange decorating their facade just as this unique beige incorporates a deeper undertone for a spicy, neutral finish.

13 Beige El Dorado

Rugged, outdoorsy and natural, this deep beige features a sensuous richness that perfectly reflects the mystery of the great outdoors.

14 Beige Copacabana

This sun-kissed, beautifully bronzed beige perfectly matches the tanned, glowing skin one sees everywhere along Copacabana’s famous beach.

20 Rose Portofino

Colorful, yet understated, this delicate shade of pink looks as if it could have been lifted from one of the picturesque harbor buildings that line Portofino’s shore.

21 Rose Noumea

Noumea combines the feel of an island paradise with an unmistakable French influence, in much the same way this classic rose shade evokes a relaxed look that reflects elegance at the same time.

22 Rose Paris

This coquettish pink shade is universally flattering as it manages to look both romantic and vivacious, befitting of Paris’ reputation as the ‘city of love’ and the ‘city of light’.

23 Rose Delhi

Rich in diversity, culture, history and cuisine, Delhi demands a bold pink shade for a lip look that stands out and draws attention in the best way.

24 Rose Santa Fe

This deep-hued rose is sophisticated and feminine, somehow capturing the refined, stylish vibe of a city lauded as an important destination for lovers of art and culture.

25 Rose Kyoto

Kyoto is a celebration of Japanese history nestled within unparalleled views of nature, this luxurious combination is captured within the intensity and richness of this beautiful purple-violet shade.

26 Rose Granada

Reflecting the awe-inspiring architecture of the Alhambra palace in Granada is no easy feat and yet this dazzling, deep violet-burgundy hue is equally breath-taking and majestic.

30 Orange Ibiza

Whether you are partying the night through or lounging on the beach all day, this effervescent, orange-coral combination is perfectly appropriate for any activity in Ibiza.

31 Orange Acapulco

Sunshine, beaches, and more sunshine are the main attractions in Acapulco and nothing goes better with these than a quintessentially sexy and attention-grabbing orange lip shade.

32 Orange Calvi

This confident, orange lip shade takes its inspiration from the fiery burnt orange top of Calvi’s Citadel, which is visible from every point in this attractive port town.

33 Orange Sevilla

One can almost feel the warmth and passion emanating from this wood-fired, orange shade, just as one experiences a magical feeling while taking in the overall beauty.

40 Rouge Monaco

Start your engines in the Grand Prix race or get your thrills at a high-stakes casino but be sure to wear an utterly sparkling lip shade like this orange-red stunner to stand out amongst all the excitement.

41 Rouge Miami

Glitz, glamour and sun-drenched style are the highlights of any visit to Miami and this sensuous, playful shade of red is just the right amount of sizzle for day or night.

42 Rouge Rio

Rio’s colorful personality includes world-renown beaches, impressive site-seeing and a distinctive energy that is perfectly captured within this dynamic and striking red shade.

43 Rouge Capri

Spend a day exploring Capri and you will discover spectacular views along with visitors that exude glamour and style; this burgundy-red classic is the ideal, polished and fashionable shade to complement the island.

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