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Now: The Time to Think About Summer Skin

Soft, smooth skin can accentuate any summer look, but it does require preparation before the season begins.

Our skin, like our wardrobe, can be clearly defined by the seasons. Winter skin is cocooned in soft fabrics and hidden under layers; it’s carefully protected and hydrated for months until it can enjoy the warm sunshine. Summer skin peeks out above the neckline of a sun dress or beneath the hemline of a flowy skirt and has the unique ability to make a summer outfit even more beautiful. Soft, smooth skin can accentuate any summer look, but it does require preparation before the season begins. Now is the time to start thinking about how your skin will enhance all those summer outfits you can’t wait to wear.

In addition to making healthy choices for your body (drinking two liters of water per day and getting to the gym multiples times a week), with a targeted product care routine, you can create spotlight-worthy summer skin:


The first step is the most vital as you can’t achieve glowing skin when it’s covered in an excess of dull skin cells. Slough away dead skin cells twice a week with Energizing Foaming Exfoliant for the Body. Exfoliating microparticles leave skin supple and better prepared to receive the benefits of skin care products.

Don't Neglect Your Décolleté

Starting from the top downward, your neck and décolleté are first areas you will want to prepare to look their best in low cut summer wear. A combination of plant and vitamin extracts in Neck Cream Enriched Formula reduce the look of fine lines and create a firmer, tighter appearance. Phytobuste + Décolleté is formulated with a phyto-complex designed to moisturize and nourish this delicate area in order to visibly smooth, tone and firm.

Firmness and Tone

Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age Firming Body Cream is a great choice to address skin firmness all over the body. The natural aging process along with our own behavioral choices can lead to a break-down of the skin’s structure and loss of firmness, particularly in the stomach, arms, thighs, and buttocks areas. This powerful anti-aging body cream can help protect the structure and visibly improve firmness in these areas as it creates a smoother, more toned appearance. Anti-aging body care is also very important for the hands as they are vulnerable to showing their age and yet have to look great with your summer nail colors. The key ingredients in Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age Hand Care Anti-Aging Concentrate were selected to help reduce the appearance of lines and dark spots, create the look of plumped skin to diminish that “thin skin” appearance, all while it hydrates.

Beautiful Legs

When you are working hard at the gym and making the right food choices it’s the best time to support your efforts with skin care products that can complement your hard work. For example, Cellulinov utilizes Longan Seed, Red Algae, and Indian Lotus extract along with caffeine and cedrol to target the look of cellulite. With dedicated use, dimpling in skin can appear reduced and cellulite visibly diminished. For legs that are sore from the gym or heels, White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs can provide an immediate soothing sensation. When used with the recommended massage application it supports circulation and revitalization for legs that appear toned and smooth in every pair of shorts.

Whether or not it feels like it outside, summer is right around the corner. Get your summer skin started early by layering these products into your daily routine for the best results before those winter layers are packed away.

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