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Stylo Lumière: 1 product, 3 possibilities

The magic wand that instantly illuminates the complexion. Use Stylo Lumière in a multitude of ways.

On its own, before foundation or after foundation….
Stylo Lumière adapts to your unique needs for a custom result.

Gommer signes de fatigue, rides et ridules avec Stylo Lumière

Erase signs of fatigue

When you wake up, your face sometimes still shows it: lack of sleep, stress… Twist Stylo Lumière to fill its tip, and apply it to the crow’s feet, inner corner of the eyes, smile lines, frown lines and horizontally across the forehead. Tap in with your finger for a perfect result.

Avoir un regard frais avec Stylo Lumière

Refresh your look

Shadowy areas, as well as the contours around the eyes have a tendency to draw features down, casting a look of fatigue over the face. In order to fix this, give your look a boost of radiance with Stylo Lumière. Glide the tip over the inner corner of the eyes and draw a line over the eyebrows and along the eye contour to brighten and enlarge your gaze. Tip: apply Stylo Lumière onto fine lines to blur them.

Strobing no makeup makeup : Stylo Lumière comme highlighter

Sculpt your face

Highlight your features by capturing light on the curves of your face. With its second-skin effect, Stylo Lumière offers a “no makeup look” finish. Glide the tip over highlighting areas like the T zone, the arch of the eyebrows (both under and over), the contour of the lips… In the blink of an eye, your reflection will look as if you have applied an Instagram filter. The magic of highlighting!

Stylo Lumière contains key ingredients, including a complex skin enhancer (Açai, Golden Apple, Oat Seed and White Lily extracts) that reinforces the radiance of the complexion with continued use as well as add moisture to the skin.

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