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Meet Sisley’s Star Ingredients

Let’s peek behind the label and find out what is making your favorite products work so well.

Your favorite beauty products become your “favorites” when they clearly work, and you love the way you look in the mirror. Let’s take a moment to peek behind the label and find out what is actually making these favorite products work so well. In our new series: “Meet Sisley’s Star Ingredients” we are giving credit where credit is due, to the star ingredients of these beloved products. These are the ingredients that Sisley’s researchers studied for years before developing the formulas that become the skin care and make-up you can’t live without. Let’s hear it for the star ingredients that have you loving your reflection every day!

The Haute Hydrator

Padina Pavonica Extract is a hero ingredient found in many of your favorite Sisley products including: Hydra-Global, Sisleÿa Essential Skincare Lotion and Black Rose Cream Mask. Derived from a marine algae that makes its home in some of the world’s largest oceans, it’s no surprise that this potent extract brings the benefit of increased hydration to these skincare formulas. By boosting the skin’s natural moisture balancing abilities, Padina Pavonica helps to increase water reservoirs and improve the look of your complexion through proper hydration.

The Heavy Lifter

When you use Double Tenseur, Phytobuste + Decollete, Neck Cream or Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Aging Firming Concentrated Serum, it’s usually the instantly visible lifting effect that has you marveling at the mirror. The star behind this dramatic lifted and tightened look is Oat Seed Extract. Comprised of natural branched polyoses, a network of complex sugars, it adheres to the skin strongly and durably, creating a flexible elastic film for the immediate tensing and lifting effect that has you doing double takes.

The Ultimate Defender

Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract is a powerful ‘protector’ ingredient that shields skin from external aggressions and strengthens its natural defenses. Featured in many products including your favorite eye soother: Eye Contour Mask, and smoothing foundation: Phyto-Teint Expert, its high concentration of anti-oxidant compounds help to neutralize damaging free radicals that are found in the environment. These protection benefits lead to a soothing effect that your complexion enjoys with every application.

The Rapid Revitalizer

Ecological Compound is a global phenomenon for Sisley, beloved worldwide for its ability to give skin a toned, reenergized, and radiant appearance. Its formula provides balanced hydration as it stimulates and renews the look of the complexion and Centella Asiatica is its star workhorse. Legend has it that Centella Asiatica earned its nickname of “Tiger Grass” because tigers would roll around in the plant to heal their wounds after a fight. Whether or not the legend is true, its anti-inflammatory benefits and ability to improve the skin’s regenerative systems can’t be denied.

The Soothing Softener

When you turn to products such as Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age Hand Care, Nutritive Lip Balm, and Restorative Facial Cream, for a much-needed soothing moisture boost, you are relying on Shea Butter to bring you that comfort you crave. Shea Butter is richly concentrated in essential vitamins and fatty acids that nourish skin and support collagen production. It has been recognized for centuries for its unique repairing qualities; even as Shea Butter provides moisture to the skin, it helps protect the skin’s natural oils keeping it hydrated longer. Think of it as your comforting, go-to friend who’s there whenever you need… your skin certainly does!

The next time you are applying – and enjoying the results - of one of these popular products, we hope you will remember to thank the hard-working, star ingredients you have learned about today. Look out for our next story in the “Meet Sisley’s Star Ingredients”series and if you have a favorite product or an ingredient that you would like to see included in this series, please let us on the comments below!

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