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Runway to Realway

In celebration of Fashion Week, Sisley Make-up Artist Jozea Esteban has re-created some of fall’s hottest beauty trends in an easy-to-follow video series.

Keeping true to Sisley’s philosophy, these looks have been inspired by the runway but tailored perfectly to your reality. Designed to enhance your natural beauty, they go beyond “trends” to become beautifully wearable at any age.

The richness and depth of jewel tone shades automatically boost the natural radiance in your complexion and add an understated elegance to your look. Sumptuous shades of emerald, amethyst, and sapphire perfectly reflect autumn’s cooler weather and the vibrancy of colors showcased in its foliage. Worn as a subtle accent in the daytime or as a bold display of color in the evening, a jewel tone eye is a universally flattering, “must-try” trend.

How to create this look:

1. For a quick radiance boost, apply a thin layer of Black Rose Cream Mask to your face.

2. Brighten the eye area by lightly pressing Eye Contour Mask underneath the eyes.

3. Use Instant Eclat to prime the skin, applying evenly over the complexion.

4. Seamlessly apply your shade of Phyto-Teint Expert foundation using a foundation brush.

5. Utilize the application brush that comes with Phyto-Cernes Eclat to lightly draw downward pointing lines with the concealer, moving from the under eye toward the cheekbones. Blend outward with the brush.

6. Dust the cheek bones moving from the apple of the cheeks all the way to the hairline with Phyto-Touche Sun Glow Powder Miel Cannelle Trio.

7. Apply Phyto-Eye Twist #12 Emerald all over each eyelid using the pencil tip and then a small eye liner brush to fully blend the shade into the eye.

8. Layer Phyto-Ombre Eclat #14 Ultra Violet using a small shadow brush, beginning at the upper lash line and blending upwards.

9. Line the under eye with So Intense Mascara #1 Deep Black on both the upper and lower lashes.

11. A lighter or nude lip shade, such as Phyto-Lip Twist #12 Melon, compliments this jewel tone eye.

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