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Parlez-Vous Beauty?

Exclusive Interview about all things beauty and art with Elzbieta Radziwill, the artist behind the new Limited Edition Ecological Compound

For the first time, Sisley is revisiting the legendary Ecological Compound bottle with a limited edition designed by artist Elzbieta Radziwill.

Elżbieta Radziwiłł was born in 1975 in Warsaw in a family of artists. Her mother, Krystyna Radziwill-Milewska, a renowned painter, was introducing her to art by taking her to numerous art shows, teaching her composition and painting from her imagination. She also posed for a vast majority of her mother’s portraits which taught her patience and dedication to her work. Elzbieta graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at the faculty of graphic design but she was still drawn to painting.

Her inspiration comes from a close observation of nature. She likes to recreate a dreamy and colorful world in which she places animals in a great proximity. Another source of inspiration comes from her travels throughout Asia, America and Europe where she likes observing people and their traditions.

1. What is your favorite way to relieve stress?

My favorite way to relieve stress is biking around the city. Warsaw where I live, is great for that. Itʼs flat and you can easily jump between cool new spots and places that are completely untouched by urban civilization.

2. Who has had a major influence on your life or career?

The biggest influence on my life comes from my parents. They have always been an example. My career has been hugely influenced by Isabelle and Hubert dʼOrnano. They organized my first exhibition- 20 years ago in Paris, they often gave me priceless advice and for the last two years I have been asked to paint furniture and chandeliers for the Sisley stores. Now Iʼm designing the special edition of the Ecological Compound, which I love and have been using daily since I can remember.

3. What beauty tip was passed onto you by a mentor, friend or family member when you were younger or just starting out in the industry that you still carry with you today?

I have early been tought to always clean and nourish the skin before going to sleep. I have very sensitive skin and since I canʼt use any scrub masks or anything too invasive, I have to be very cautious with the products I use, I try to keep it simple.

4. Similarly, can you share your favorite beauty advice or tip?

I like using coconut oil to wash off my makeup, and occasionally as a hair mask. I also never ever go outside without sun protection.

5. Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from nature, my travels and quite simply my family.

6. What are the three Sisley products you can’t live without?

My three everyday Sisley essentials I couldnʼt live without are the Ecological Compound, Double Tenseur and Eau du Soir.

7. If you could be in the room with any other artist who would it be?

Definitely David Hockney.

8. What trends can we look forward to in the coming months?

Iʼm not much of a trend follower... I prefer strong values and timeless pieces over trends

9. What was the inspiration behind the Ecological Compound Limited Edition?

The Ecological Compound limited editionʼs design was inspired by the plants itʼs made of, but while painting it I was thinking of a warm summer evening...

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