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Summer in the USA: Pacific Northwest


The Pacific North West is a nature lover's paradise with an unending list of breathtaking sites across Washington and Oregon. From Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier, to Crater Lake and the Oregon coast, you will be in awe of mother nature's glory every moment of the day. Stay protected outdoors and look flawless in all of your mountain vista selfies with some easy to pack products for your athletic adventure.

There’s no time to slow down to reapply sunscreen while you’re climbing a mountain. Super Stick Solaire SPF 30 is a true “on the go” sun stick that fits in your pocket and can be applied to the entire face quickly for total sun protection. Keep your lips soft and protected from the wind, sun and salty ocean air with the hydrating and restorative ingredients in Nutritive Lip Balm.

After a long and active day, your body deserves a soothing treat. Restorative Body Cream is designed to immediately sooth and refresh skin as it delivers long term moisturizing benefits to improve the health of skin over time. When your trip has come to an end and you find yourself at home yearning for the open air and beautiful sites, the scent of Eau de Campagne will bring your mind right back to your travels. Inspired by the countryside and the essence of nature, this unisex fragrance is the perfect combination of citrus and grassy notes, with a warm musky base.

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