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How to Be a Multi-Masker

You have perfected the art of multi-tasking, not it's time to become a “multi-masker”

As a superhero who can prep dinner, scout new dresses online, and make an appointment all at the same time, you have perfected the art of multi-tasking. The next natural step in your quest for efficiency is to become a “multi-masker”.

A multi-masker is someone who recognizes the highly targeted nature of Sisley’s face masks and understands that her own complexion can benefit from multiple types of masks- sometimes even at the same time. If you love the feeling of addressing multiple tasks at once, wait until you learn how to treat multiple skin concerns at the same time. Here’s how to take your multi-tasking skills to the next level and maximize the benefits you are getting from your masks.

Same Time…

Just as you are a regular multi-tasker, your skin is capable of doing two things at once. For example, it is common to experience extra oiliness during the summer and even when it’s a year-round issue, the oiliness is often concentrated just in the t-zone area. At the same time, you might be noticing puffiness or signs of fatigue in your under-eye area, making it a great time to multi-mask:

Start by applying Deeply Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins to your forehead, nose, and chin where the oil is most concentrated. The gentle, cream-mask texture absorbs excess sebum and mattifies the skin, without drying it out. Pores are visibly tightened, and your t-zone appears clearer, fresher, and less shiny.

Next, apply Eye Contour Mask to the under-eye area and eye lids. Specifically formulated for this fragile area it works within ten minutes to improve hydration, reduce signs of fatigue and create a smoother, more even appearance in the under-eye area. When finished, gently rinse off the Deeply Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins while allowing the Eye Contour Mask to remain on the skin. Your complexion got the targeted attention that it needs, and you saved time by using both at once!

Same Day…

Your complexion can also greatly benefit from applying two masks at different times within the same day. First thing in the morning, your skin probably looks like it needs something very different than it does right before bed. If you’re frequently waking up to a tired and sallow looking reflection, try Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask for its radiance-enhancing results. Natural extracts support a more even and luminous complexion that appears purified, smoothed and moisturized. It’s a great way for your skin to start the day.

Before bed you might be looking for a deep cleansing treatment to erase the grime of the day, but without stripping the radiance of your complexion. Radiant Glow Express Masks is your answer, with its cleansing red clay and plant extracts, it helps to reduce impurities that dull the complexion while deeply cleaning the skin. The formula is soft and non-drying so your skin is left with a visibly radiant appearance. We recommend having set days each week for applying masks to help you keep track and remember to apply, especially when you are using one for morning and one for night.

Same Week…

Once you have a “same time” or “same day” mask routine down, you may still find certain skin concerns or needs can suddenly arise due to events, late nights, sun exposure, etc. That’s where a new level of multi-masking comes in: the specialty formula you select as an instant rescue option. Black Rose Cream Mask works equally well creating a pre-event glow as it does rescuing a post- event complexion. Rich in anti-aging ingredients, it works instantly to give skin an energized appearance that looks more plumped and youthful. Use it any time your skin is in need of a radiance overhaul and especially at the end of the day before going out when your complexion could use a boost of hydration and revitalization.

Express Flower Gel Mask is another rescue mask that needs a place in your beauty cabinet for any time your skin is feeling dehydrated, perhaps after a flight, a day at the beach or even from lack of sleep. The formula is highly concentrated in fast-acting moisturizing ingredients to support hydration levels and leave skin looking more toned and smoothed. The dull look that dry skin experiences is erased as the complexion is completely refreshed.

At Night…

That feeling of happiness when you wake up after a good night’s sleep is about to get even better with the introduction of NEW Velvet Sleeping Mask. Sisley is making your sweet dreams last right into the morning with this airy, silky mask that brings comfort and hydration to dry skin. Designed to work overnight during the skin’s key recovery period, it might even have you springing out of bed in the morning to greet your visibly revitalized and velvety soft complexion.

Pro tip:

For a truly expert level of multi-masking, be sure to use an exfoliator as part of your skin care routine before applying a mask (Try our iconic Gentle Facial Buffing Cream). By sloughing off dead skin cells, you are leaving a smoother surface for the mask’s formula to deliver its benefits.

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