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Meet Your Mascara Match

They can brighten your face, make your eyes look dramatically younger, and instantly change your make-up look from fun to sultry; all while being just 10 millimeters long! Eyelashes are small but powerful when it comes to their ability to transform your look, which might explain why women have been searching for ways to improve them since ancient times. Just as you have found the perfect foundation for your skin type and the best make-up shades to complement your skin tone, you need to find your ideal mascara match to discover all of the ways it can enhance your beauty look.

Each marvelous mascara from Sisley-Paris offers a different effect for you to choose from and ALL of our formulas provide ongoing “lash care” benefits to nourish and improve the health of your lashes:


Its XXL, flower-shaped applicator brush is the key to So Volume Mascara’s volume boosting power as it perfectly delivers the formula, coating each lash for a thickened, extra-full look. The ultra-pure pigments provide intense color and long-lasting hold in a curled, defined finish. Place the brush at the base of your upper lashes and slowly move upward and outward for the biggest volumizing effect. Get a stunning cat-eye finish by layering a lengthening formula, try Ultra-Stretch, on just the outer corners of the top lashes.

Lash Care Bonus: Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin Peptides, Ceramides, and Japanese Cherry Blossom extract combine in the So Volume formula to maintain strength and softness in your lashes.

Instantly Intense

So Intense Mascara adds instant drama to lashes with a unique formula that both lengthens and thickens for an exceptionally voluminous effect. Its innovative comb-brush applicator evenly distributes the ultra-pure, double-coated pigments, separating each lash as it covers. The bottom lashes will get this same impactful look so try switching to So Intense in shade #2 Deep Brown for a more natural finish on the bottom lashes.

Lash Care Bonus: The eye-catching lash effect is enhanced with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin Peptide to boost the health of the eyelashes as Carnauba Wax coats lashes providing maximum hold and added volume.

Dream Curl

So Curl Mascara features a complex of curling and fixing polymers that perfectly partner with its distinctive lash-curling brush to create the youthful, wide-eyed appearance of flawlessly curled lashes. The instant and lasting curl effect helps to visibly volumize and lengthen lashes for an all-over fuller look. When you want to take your curl to the next level, apply So Intense across the top lashes as a second mascara layer. The extra length on top of the curl adds glamour and style worthy of a Hollywood starlet.

Lash Care Bonus: With Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin Peptide, Rice Phytoceramides, and Carnauba Wax, the curling formula supports your lashes condition for a stronger, visibly beautified appearance.


No lash is too short for the high-tech brush and formula of Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch. The brush is composed of two types of fibers to perfectly capture and define each lash with the visibly lengthening and curling formula. There is no clumping nor heaviness to the formula, just the simple look of defined and magnified lashes. For a truly striking eye look, start by applying So Volume on top lashes as a thickening base and then layer Ultra-Stretch over it, starting in the middle of your lashes and moving toward outer corners.

Lash Care Bonus: Nourishing ingredients such as Wheat Proteins, Pro-Vitamin B5, Rice Phytoceramides and Castor Oil protect and enhance the health of your lashes.

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