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Just Three Words: "Longer Lasting Blowout"

Whether you blow-dry your own hair at home or have an actual team of stylists at your local salon, the phrase “longer lasting blowout” is appealing to just about anyone with hair. That’s because the ability to skip a blowout when you’re rushing to work, school, meetings or dinner plans, means more time to spare and who couldn’t use a little extra time in their day? Introducing your hair’s new best friend: Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask. Use this magical mask up to twice a week before your regular shampoo and watch your blowouts last longer than ever before.

What’s killing your blowout?

Pollution is the one big assailant that ruins your week by taking your blowouts from voluminous to flat and oily faster than you can say “ponytail”. It’s generated both internally through the overuse of styling products, an unbalanced diet, even stress, and it’s coming at you externally through air pollution, hard water, and second-hand smoke. The combination of all of these elements suffocate the scalp, preventing it from benefitting from hair products and depleting the hair fiber leaving it dull and coarse. Meanwhile, your time and money are being wasted every time a blowout gets shampooed out the next day.

Why does this mask deserve BFF status?

Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask can put an end to this maddening cycle with the addition of one quick step to your shower routine. The mask is applied to dry hair and massaged into the scalp before you step into the shower. Leave it on for ten minutes while you pick out an outfit or check your email and rinse it out before you use your regular shampoo.

While you’re contemplating the look of a bootie vs. a mule, the purifying formula is absorbing impurities and beautifying the hair to visibly improve its health. White Clay, Java Tea, and Celery Seed extracts eliminate pollution and purify the scalp, while Vitamin E Acetate, Moringa Peptides and Artichoke Leaf extract offer protection against daily pollution. Vitamins and natural proteins soothe and nourish the scalp to create a shiny, fuller appearance to dry hair.

The result is the ability to go more days without washing your hair, a later alarm time, and all around less rushing every day. The very best part is that you’ll have even more time to enjoy the compliments on how great your hair is looking!

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