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Celebrating women with Sonia Vasena

In honor of International Women’s Day, we discuss what it means to be a woman with Sonia Vasena, model and muse for the Izia fragrance.

Sisley: What does International Women’s Day represent to you?

Sonia :
"Woman's Day is a very important day because it's the day where we really stop to appreciate and recognize everything the woman is, everything the woman does, and that without her we would be nothing in this world...we wouldn't even be born so...(smiles)"

S: When you were younger, what kind of woman did you aspire to become?

S.V. :
"My mom (smiles)."

S: And what if we asked you the same question today?

S.V. :
"I want to be myself. I hope to always improve and be a better person but definitely myself."

S : In your opinion what basic right are women missing today?

S.V. :
"Many, many rights. It's hard to pick one but one of the most important ones that we were really fighting for is having the respect and recognition that we all deserve. Women are missing so many rights today… but the most important for me are equality and respect."

S : Can you name a few women that inspire you?

S.V. :
"My mom inspires me for sure, but also I have a huge admiration for Oprah Winfrey because she's a woman that suffered a lot and she turned all of her pain into strength. Now she's someone that inspires so many people - men and women."

S : What have women around you taught you?

S.V. :
"I've learned so much from the women around me. I'm so grateful they've always taught me to love myself above everything and to always have respect for myself and the people around me. And pretty much the basics of everything - of respect, of love, of confidence, always running after your dreams..."

S : According to you, what are three attributes that all strong woman share?

S.V. :
"Love, determination and hope."

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