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Ingredient Focus: Oat extract

Oats are a grain that have been cultivated for years and are still proving to be beneficial for the skin as part of our beauty regimes...

Numerous studies show that the anti-cholesterol and satiating properties of oats also boost health benefits.

Composed of a network of complex sugars that create a continuous, elastic, flexible film on the skin's surface, the key ingredient extracted from these grains has firming and smoothing properties. The key ingredient adjusts to the skin and provides an instant "lifting" sensation when applied.

Oat seed extract can be found in a number of Sisley's anti-aging skin care products, where it provides a more firm and lifted effect on the skin. In particular, the oat extract in Double Tenseur, Sisleÿa Line Reducer and Neck Cream help to minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

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