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How does Hydra-Global Serum fit into my Beauty Routine?

All skin types need hydration, but not all of them have the same characteristics. Find out how to adapt your hydration routine to your skin’s specific needs.

Rehydration Routine

When your skin is thirsty, it tightens and fine lines caused by dehydration may appear. It is therefore essential to provide it with intense and continuous hydration. With a combination of the serum and the Hydra-Global treatment, you will immediately and long-lastingly quench thirsty skin while reactivating its natural hydration mechanisms. Morning and night, apply Hydra-Global Serum and then Hydra-Global to a clean, dry face.

Anti-Age Routine

With time, “skin becomes drier: it naturally produces less lipids, and it no longer retains water as well,” explains Sisley Director of Research, Jose Ginestar. His advice? “Use products that are at both moisturizing, to bring skin the water it lacks, and nourishing, to help reconstruct its lipidic barrier.” Choose a combination of Hydra-Global Serum (to moisturize) and Sisleÿa L’Integral (to nourish), applied in this order. The first will contribute to reestablishing the skin’s hydraulic balance, while the second will correct the visible signs caused by the three dimensions of aging: genetic, environmental and behavioral.

Balancing Routine

Combination to oily skin also needs hydration. Since it shines due to an overproduction of sebum, we may have a tendency to skip this crucial step. Choose a combination of Hydra-Global Serum, a hydration activator with a light and watery (and oil-free) texture and Mattifying Moisturizing Skin Care with Tropical Resins for clean, purified skin.

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