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Combination skin: striking the perfect balance

Rebalance your skin with a targeted routine.

Shiny T-Zone, dilated pores, imperfections…do these seem familiar? Unfortunately, skin problems are not reserved just for our adolescence. Lifestyle, stress and pollution can sustain them into adult life. The ideal way to remedy these problems is to combine the right products with the right application techniques.


Morning and evening, after moistening the skin on the face, cleanse with a gentle facial cleansing bar and a delicate brush. The key is to use very gentle, circular movements. By rubbing too hard, you run the risk of aggravating the skin and activating the production of sebum. Rinse thoroughly and dry the face by patting gently with a towel.

Purify deep down

Once or twice a week, do an essential deep cleaning. Target the T-zone with a dedicated mask. Once the product has been rinsed off, tighten pores with a purifying lotion.


Contrary to popular belief, combination to oily skin types need hydration. Ideally a formula that is highly moisturizing, without being too rich. To treat those zones prone to imperfections or shininess, apply a serum directly beforehand.

Your skin’s worst enemies are: hard water, the sun (and its bounce-back effect), alcohol, poor diet, lack of sleep, and sugar. Beautiful skin results from the right practices, including rigorous make-up removal and correct hydration – don’t forget your 1.5L of water a day!

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