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Can Reading This Story Age Your Skin?

Can you remember the last time you went a full day without using your cell phone or computer? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We are all guilty of too much screen time and science is only now beginning to uncover possible detrimental effects of our new digital lives. Sisley researchers have been focused on one harmful by-product in particular: digital pollution. When combined with outdoor and indoor pollution, constant exposure to digital pollution can have a direct and visible impact on your skin. As technology evolves, so do Sisley’s skin care products and new SisleYouth Anti-Pollution represents the latest research in pollution protection within an effective, anti-aging formula.

Where is all this Pollution Coming From?

You are likely familiar with outdoor pollution and have been educated on its negative effects on our health and the environment. These atmospheric pollutants such as car exhaust, manufacturing industry waste, and cigarette smoke, can also lead to significant consequences for your complexion.

If you think the outdoor pollution is bad, you probably don’t realize that the air inside your home is often five to ten times more polluted the air outside! Indoor pollution comes from paint, cleaning products, aerosols, and cooking fumes among others, and is equally harmful to the skin.

Digital pollution, the newest type of pollution that our faces have to face, is produced by tablets, smartphones, computers and televisions. Their screens emit blue light, a very high energy wavelength that acts as a pollution on your skin. Together these pollutants cause oxidative stress and stimulate production of enzymes that can damage the skin and lead to dehydration, loss of radiance, sensitivity and premature aging.

Protection in the Digital Age

Young urbanites (men and women) who live hectic, stressful lives that are not always balanced with rest and other healthy lifestyle habits, are truly getting the brunt of exposure to constant pollution. SisleYouth Anti-Pollution hydrates while it protects the skin from all types of pollution.

A combination of antioxidants, flavonoids and anti-free radical ingredients including Organic Buckwheat seed extract, Organic Gingko biloba leaf extract, Pea extract, and Vitamin E Acetate, act as a powerful line of defense against all polluting particles. These superhero ingredients have had their protection skills tested with an extremely new device known as the “BlueLightBOX”. By mimicking the effects of blue light exposure on the skin, Sisley has used this technology to demonstrate the effective shielding benefits of SisleYouth Anti-Pollution.

The fresh, silky emulsion also delivers energizing and anti-fatigue actions, along with maximum moisturizing results so that the complexion’s features are refreshed, skin appears revitalized and less dull. As the skin becomes intensely moisturized it is visibly luminous, radiant and more youthful in appearance. Go ahead and play another round of “words with friends” or post that Instastory because with SisleYouth Anti-Pollution. your skin is completely protected!

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