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Bon Voyage Beauty

Break out the luggage, carry-on bags and, of course, your toiletry cases because summer is here and those far-flung destinations are calling. Any type of travel is bound to change up your beauty needs as you adapt your skin, hair, and make-up to a new environment. It doesn’t require a total beauty overhaul, but rather a few key products to effortlessly keep you glowing anywhere you go. We’ve rounded up some of our top travel beauty picks below so you can leave your cares behind…but not your favorite beauty products.

Before, During, and After

Hydrated skin is the ultimate key to looking refreshed and youthful in every picture from your trip. Unfortunately, so much of travel can deplete moisture in the skin from long flights to sun exposure to a simple lack of sleep. Express Flower Gel Mask should be packed even before your passport as it’s just as valuable to your trip but way more flattering than your passport picture. Apply it before a flight or long car trip and enjoy the refreshing cream-gel texture as it delivers concentrated hydrating ingredients. Use it throughout your trip to instantly revive dull or tired-looking skin and minimize signs of fatigue and stress in just a few minutes. Try it after the trip home to recover and relax as it creates a smoother more even appearance in the complexion.

Better Sun Protection

You might think you have sun protection already covered for your trip but then you have probably never tried packing a tinted formula. Travel-friendly means multi-functional, so you can spend less time in a hotel room and more time enjoying the weather. Tinted Sunscreen Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is the definition of multi-functional as it combines a make-up finish, with moisturizing benefits and complete UVA-UVB sun protection. With three subtle shades to choose from, it only takes a minute to fully protect your skin from the sun and photo-aging while giving your complexion an even and luminous finish.

No matter how much sun protection you are bringing on your trip, After-Sun Care should also come along to soothe and hydrate your skin at the end of each day. Its cooling and comforting ingredients instantly refresh your skin as shea butter, stevia leaf extract, and plant glycerin moisturize and soften. The formula includes a small amount of self-tanner to safely create a lightly tanned effect.

Your skin is not the only thing that needs protection from the sun, sea, and chlorine-filled pools but if you’ve ever tried to style your hair on day two or three of a beach trip, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Hair Rituel Protective Fluid defends hair from the buildup of harmful UV rays and the drying effects of sea water and chlorine by instantly forming a protective film as it’s applied. Scented with citrus and woody notes of verbena, lemon, peach blossom, and amber, the lightweight spray protects natural, colored, and highlighted hair while boosting softness, suppleness, and shine. It’s a true, travel essential allowing you to maintain the look of healthy hair even when your destination might be working against you.

Quick Color

Proving once again that multi-functional products make great travel companions, Phyto-Blush Twist is an easy-to-apply, instant radiance boost that creates the perfect color and supports skin hydration at the same time. The unique cream formula turns to powder on the skin, giving seamlessly blendable, natural-looking color. Particularly when you are traveling in warm climates, your make-up goals should be simple, to enhance your natural beauty - not overpower your look. Phyto-Blush Twist provides that ideal, effortless color in six different shades to work with everyone’s skin tone. Use it as a blush or as a highlighter. That’s what travel-friendly beauty is all about!

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