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Selecting the Best Face Mask for Your Skin

Selecting the best one for you is a matter of understanding your skin’s needs and the various benefits that a targeted mask can provide.

As children, we wore masks for dress up and fun, to hide our faces as we pretended to be someone or something else. As adults, we find ourselves searching for masks to achieve the exact opposite result! Our “grown-up” goal is to wear the right mask that allows us to display our own flawless face, proudly showing our complexion to the world.

Sisley-Paris has become known globally for our selection of specialized masks that each address a specific skin concern using highly advanced ingredients.
Selecting the best one for you is a matter of understanding your skin’s needs and the various benefits that a targeted mask can provide. Use the guide below to find the best choice or combination to achieve your grown-up mask goals.

For slightly dry to very dry skin…

While dry skin is often due to external causes such as weather, heating systems, and the use of harsh soaps, aging is also a major cause of the dry, flaky skin you might be experiencing. A targeted moisturizing mask can have a huge impact dry skin when added to your weekly skin care regimen and should be applied after cleansing and toning.

For mildly dry skin that might be seasonal or only on certain areas of the complexion, try Express Flower Gel Mask. Best applied two to three times per week, it features White Lily extract to hydrate and balance skin as Sesame, Rose, and Iris provide softness and tone. In just ten minutes, this leave-on mask gives your complexion a better-hydrated, more refreshed, energized and toned appearance.

Hydra-Flash Mask is a more intensive moisturizing treatment mask for skin that is very dehydrated. The formula’s natural plant extracts including Rice, Sesame, and Marjoram, promote moisture adhesion to help skin regain its comfort and freshness while visibly smoothing the complexion. This no rinse mask is ideal for use two to three times per week and should also be left on the skin for ten minutes.

For sensitive or irritated skin…

If your complexion often experiences redness and can be irritated easily, regular application of a calming mask can help to soothe skin throughout the week. Calm, comforted skin is better prepared to accept the benefits of your other skin care products.

The Facial Mask with Linden Blossom is formulated specifically for sensitive skin, it softens and calms skin to reduce signs of fatigue and irritation. The softening ingredients leave features appearing more energized and create a smoother appearance that better reflects light for improved radiance.

For skin suffering from oiliness or imperfections…

Oily skin, caused when the sebaceous glands product too much sebum, can occur more often in warmer, humid weather, in younger skin, during hormonal changes or just due to your genetics. It can product an unpleasant shininess in your skin and even worse, leave you more prone to imperfections. By utilizing a treatment mask multiple times a week to address oily skin, you allow the oil-absorbing formula to successfully rebalance the look of your complexion, keeping oiliness and imperfections to a minimum.

If you experience occasional combination skin or oily skin during summer’s humid months, layering Radiant Glow Express Mask into your skin care routine is the perfect way to deep clean your complexion. The absorbent power of Red Clay, combined with Carrot, Red Vine and Rosehip extracts, cleanses the skin and reduces impurities that can dull the complexion to create a more vibrant looking, even skin tone.

The Deeply Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins is the best choice if your skin is prone to oiliness and break-outs year-round. Its cream-mask texture was designed to absorb excess sebum and mattify the skin gently, without over-drying. A powerful combination of White Clay, Benzoin, Burdock and Lady’s Mantle leaf extract minimizes shiny areas, visibly tightens pores, and balances the skin as it removes impurities. Use one to two times a week to achieve the look of a more even skin texture, clearer skin and a matte finish.

For skin that needs a boost of radiance…

It’s likely that everyone would agree their skin occasionally (or more than occasionally) suffers from a lackluster dullness that could benefit from a major radiance boost. Enter Black Rose Cream Mask to wake up your complexion before work, rescue your skin as it recovers from the previous night or create a radiant appearance before a big event. Rich in anti-aging ingredients, the formula works quickly to diminish signs of fatigue and create a more youthful appearance. The smoothing and plumping benefits give the complexion an overall revitalized look as the hydrating and softening ingredients improve luminosity and allow the complexion to glow from within.

And now, for overnight skin replenishment…

Sisley is making your dreams last right into the morning with the introduction of NEW Velvet Sleeping Mask with Saffron Flowers. Designed to work overnight during the skin’s key recovery period, this airy, silky mask brings comfort and intense hydration to dry skin.

When we were kids, we thought the perfect mask was essential to our costumes, but as we age, we realize it’s really the perfect skin care mask that can make the biggest difference in our appearance. Learn more about Sisley’s mask selection here and sign up here to be alerted when a new treatment mask launches.

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