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Ultra Violet Becomes Ultra Chic

We knew the Black Rose collection is deserving of its global following due to its incredibly effective formulas and spa-like qualities but we didn’t know just how perfectly on-trend the collection was, until the 2018 color of the year was announced...

There are endless ways to incorporate this vibrant, regal shade into your wardrobe or home décor but our favorite starting place is the bathroom vanity, where Ultra Violet can adorn your skincare and enhance your makeup look.

Black Rose Collection – Dressed to Impress

Black Rose Cream Mask, Black Rose Precious Face Oil, and Black Rose Skin Infusion are dressed in their finest Ultra Violet and ready to transform your skin in 2018. As the originator of the collection, Black Rose Cream Mask was the true trendsetter, offering an instant youth effect within in its dynamic purple tube. In just ten minutes, the luxuriously textured mask boosts hydration and revitalizes skin tone for a more plump, well-nourished and softened complexion. When Black Rose Precious Face Oil joined the collection, the Ultra Violet on the glass bottle took on a sleek, radiant finish, mirroring the luminous finish the formula delivers to skin. With a high concentration of active ingredients, the oil prepares and nourishes the complexion as anti-aging benefits minimize wrinkles and increase radiance. The newest Ultra Violet jewel of the collection is Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream. The cream provides intense hydration and helps to restore elasticity to a level of more youthful skin. The complexion appears replumped and smoothed and facial features appear well-rested and luminous.

Ultra Violet Eyes

Don’t let your skincare products have all the Ultra Violet fun in 2018. Our Phyto Ombre Eclat Eye Shadow in Ultra Violet is the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your beauty look. Its silky, ultra-fine texture glides onto the eyelid and blends easily, making it possible to tailor the color level from less bold to completely opaque. For a smaller touch of Ultra Violet, apply the shadow with an Eyeliner Brush starting from the inside corner of the eye, gently sweeping across the upper lid and finishing slightly upward at the outer corner.

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