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When you are diligent about giving yourself a full night of sleep each night, you are providing your body with the proper recovery it needs and boosting everything from your health and immunity to brain power. However, if you’re not applying a sleep mask before bed…you’re practically wasting those eight hours! While that might be a slight exaggeration, the power of a sleep mask to work wonders on your complexion should not be underestimated. Here are five simple reasons why you should be using a nighttime skin care mask, at least one to two times per week.

1. Your Skin Works Hard at Night

During the day, your skin is in “protection” mode to prevent damage from UV rays, pollution, extreme weather, and many other aggressors we’re exposed to each day. At night, the skin undergoes “repair” mode as numerous processes work within the body to help skin regenerate and recover from the day. The skin’s metabolism increases and cell turnover ramps up; at the same time our bodies produce more human growth hormone, which helps repair the DNA of cells and increase collagen production. All of these natural nighttime mechanisms can be enhanced and supported by an overnight skin care mask to produce visibly improved results the next morning.

2. Moisture Gets Balanced Overnight

Dry skin can take a toll on the complexion and become evident in a multitude of ways from dull, sallow skin to blotchy redness and more apparent fine lines. Nighttime is a very important time to create balanced hydration as the body’s recovery process includes delivering fluids to areas that need it and flushing them out of areas that have excess. The skin can improve its moisture levels at night through these natural balancing processes and especially from the advanced hydrating ingredients that a sleep mask delivers. The mask itself also aids in locking in moisture by resting on the top of your skin and thereby minimizing water loss, while allowing it to breath at the same time.

3. Timing is Key

For a sleep mask, time is key – or more specifically - the ample amount of it available overnight. While you sleep, your skin simply has more time to absorb the benefits of a sleep mask formula without any external interferences. Designed with the ideal levels of ingredient concentrations to remain gentle on the skin for a long period of time, a sleep mask can slowly provide intensive benefits over the course of the night. The skin also becomes more permeable at night, allowing these ingredients to absorb more thoroughly and effectively.

4. Added Protection throughout the Night

Just as a sleep mask can improve hydration by acting as a barrier against moisture loss throughout the night, it can offer additional protection as a barrier against dirt and dust that might adhere to your pores during the night. It also offers advantages as a sealant, with the ability to ‘lock in’ the key ingredients of the nighttime skin care products you have applied before the mask, allowing the complexion to receive the full benefits of those formulas that will not evaporate away.

5. All You Have to do is Sleep!

We couldn’t make this important part of your evening skin care routine any easier. Apply your NEW Velvet Sleep Mask as the last step before bed and… go to sleep. There is no excuse to skip this step when there is no wait time and no rinsing. It’s just a quick application and off to dreamland until it’s time to see how great your complexion looks in the morning!

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