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Top HOT Mentions: Hair Rituel in the Press

As seen in Byrdie
March, 2019

The “Skin-ification” of Your Hair Routine Might Just Solve All Your Issues

"The Hair Equivalent of an SPF for Face

With UVA and UVB filters, this lightweight mist from Sisley forms a protective film over your strands, protecting your hair condition and color from the sun's rays, as well as the sea, sand and chlorine on holiday. Think of it as an SPF mist for your face. It's scented with citrus, peach blossom and amber, so it leaves your hair smelling fresh, too. Is it summer yet?"

As seen in Men's Journal
March, 2019

The Best Grooming Products to Transform Dry Hair

"Hair Rituel by Sisley Restructuring Conditioner

If you’re super serious about fighting back against stubborn, dry hair, then use Sisley’s conditioner. With Vitamin B5, shea and coconut oils, as well as cotton proteins, it resuscitates dry, lifeless hair. In an instant, it feels fuller, softer, and more cooperative."

As seen in The ZOE Report
March, 2019

12 Scalp Treatment Products That Trichologists Recommend To Fight Dryness And Flakes

"Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp — and common problems like dandruff, dryness, and rapid hair loss indicate that you should pay attention to your scalp and might need to swap in a few scalp treatment products. With simple hair routine changes, you'll be able to ensure that your scalp and hair stay balanced.

Some of those common scalp issues are "pretty typical, but over time can contribute to larger issues like hair loss if combined with other factors such as stress, hormone imbalances, bad hairdressing habits, and excessive exercising," Chavilla Martin, a California-based trichologist says.

Revitalizing Fortifying Serum

Spence recommends this serum because it contains 'contains pro-vitamin B5 and the amino acid L-arginine which stimulate and provide key nutrients to the scalp'."

As seen in US Weekly magazine
February, 2019

Splurge vs Save: Salon-Worthy DIY Hair Treatments for Every Need

"Splurge: Sisley Hair Rituel Precious Hair Care Oil Glossiness and Nutrition

Just a small bit of this oil smooths and nourishes hair with good-for-it ingredients like shea, passion fruit and moringa oils. It's pricey, but it's worth it. '"

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