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Hair Rituel Squad: Kristan Serafino

Kristan Serafino is a celebrity hairstylist and leading authority in men’s grooming. She’s entrusted with the brand equity of A-list personalities in film, TV, sports, and business. Kristan has diversified her expertise in the industry to include Brand Ambassador, Technical Advisor, Product Development Consultant, Educator and more.

1.How did you fall in love with Sisley-Paris?

Celebrity Makeup Artist Alex Byrne introduced me to Sisley-Paris after my need to find a skincare line that would be best suited for my Male Clientele.

2. Who has had a major influence on your life or career?

Batman...just kidding! My mother was a hairstylist and although I was anxious to follow in her footsteps she insisted I get a college degree first. My Boston College degree has provided a solid foundation to support the business-side of my career. It makes the perfect left brain ~ right brain balance. Go Eagles!

3. What beauty tip was passed onto you by a mentor, friend or family member when you were younger or just starting out in the industry that you still carry with you today?

My parents gave me the best advice in life that was easily carried over into my career. Always try your best, never quit, listen, be respectful of others, and always show up on time with a smile! I find this to be the basics of life, but the essentials of success behind the chair.

4. Similarly, can you share your favorite hair advice or tip?

If you change your clothes daily why not change your hairstyle. Don't be a creature of habit, be a creature of change.

5. Where do you find inspiration?

I am inspired constantly from adventures I have in my everyday life.

6. What are the Sisley-Paris products you can’t live without?

Only three? Sisley Purifying Re-balancing Lotion With Tropical Resins, Sisleÿa L'Integral Eye&Lip Contour Cream (love my ridoki!) and now the new Hair Rituel.

7. If you could be in the room with anyone while they were getting their hair done who would it be?

Comedians Robin Williams, Richard Pryor and John Pinette. I find comedians as intellectual as they are imaginative. I would probably be laughing so hard I would not be able to cut a straight line. :)

8. What hair trends can we look forward to in the coming months?

I advice my clients not to follow trends but to be inspired by them. What might be a trend for some might not be best suited for your face shape or hair texture. Make a trend work for you with subtle changes.

9. What is your favorite Hair Rituel Product and why?

Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the Scalp. The scalp is your hair's foundation, so a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

10. What is a great hairstyle that can be created with one of the new products?

Why limit yourself to just one hairstyle. When the scalp and hair condition are at it's optimum health, you'll find a whole new range of style is possible.

11. Why are you excited about this new brand by Sisley-Paris?

Innovation creates creativity!

12. How does it feel to be a part the #HairRituelSquad?

#HairRituelSquad has just upped my cool factor! :)

From left to right: James Maki, Jessica Elbaum Shanahan, Chad Wood, Carly Walters, Kristan Serafino, Chris Naselli, Yves Durif

13. What is your favorite way to relieve stress?

Laughter! I find that when an environment becomes stressful, or worrisome, I take a step back and put it into perspective. I am usually able to get a good chuckle out of life's challenges, then I'm in a better mindset to tackle almost any situation.

What is the "Hair Rituel Squad"?

Prior to the launch of Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris, we selected a group of haircare experts to preview the coveted new line.

It was our hope that these trusted industry leaders would not only help to shape our vision for the new line, but that they would evaluate the products and inform us as to how they would plan to incorporate these products into their famed routines and daily practices.

Our goal was to begin to build a trusted community of talented experts who would have an ongoing relationship to the brand- an open line of communication through which to share their opinions, trial the products (on themselves and their clients) and provide us with their honest feedback.

Our new hand selected "Hair Rituel Squad" are the best and most notable names in the industry ranging from film and television, red carpet, editorial and salon stylists.

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