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Hair Rituel Squad: Carly Walters

Known for her playful techniques and effortless style, hairstylist Carly Walters is making her mark on the hair world working in Los Angeles and traveling globally for NYFW, MFW, PFW, and film festivals like Toronto, Cannes, and Sundance. With roots in the Vidal Sassoon Academy, Carly spent years assisting and learning from hair stylist Jen Atkin. While under Jen’s tutelage, Carly was introduced to the world of celebrity hair styling and quickly grew her talents working with clients including Kendall Jenner, Fifth Harmony, Lily Collins, and Olivia Culpo. Originally from Boise, Idaho, Carly’s passion led her to Los Angeles, where she continues to translate her skilled touch and versatility into a diverse range of natural, dramatic, and iconic red-carpet looks.

1. Who has had a major influence on your life or career?

Jen Atkin

2. What beauty tip was passed onto you by a mentor, friend or family member when you were younger or just starting out in the industry that you still carry with you today?

Less is more

3. Similarly, can you share your favorite hair advice or tip?

Do a hair mask/treatment at least once a week!

4. Where do you find inspiration?

Pinterest, Instagram, Fashion week runways

5. What are the three Sisley-Paris products you can’t live without?

Revitalizing Smoothing shampoo,
Regenerating Hair Care Mask,
Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the Scalp.

6. If you could be in the room with anyone while they are getting their hair done who would it be?

Michelle Obama

7. What hair trends can we look forward to in the coming months?


8. What is your favorite Hair Rituel Product and why?

I love the Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo because it is geared towards the scalp. The ingredients really moisturize and nourish the scab to help ensure healthy hair.

9. What is a great hairstyle that can be created with one of the new products?

You can achieve the "Sleek Look" by applying the Precious Hair Care Oil from roots to ends. This will help lay any flyaways and create a very smooth shiny finish!

10. How does it feel to be a part the #HairRituelSquad?

It feels great to be part of the Hair Ritual Squad because it’s such a great brand to stand behind and I’m excited to help show off this amazing product line.

11. What is one of your favorite rituals and why?

My favorite Bulletproof cup of coffee in the morning watching Kelly and Ryan!

What is the "Hair Rituel Squad"?

Prior to the launch of Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris, we selected a group of haircare experts to preview the coveted new line.

It was our hope that these trusted industry leaders would not only help to shape our vision for the new line, but that they would evaluate the products and inform us as to how they would plan to incorporate these products into their famed routines and daily practices.

Our goal was to begin to build a trusted community of talented experts who would have an ongoing relationship to the brand- an open line of communication through which to share their opinions, trial the products (on themselves and their clients) and provide us with their honest feedback.

Our new hand selected "Hair Rituel Squad" are the best and most notable names in the industry ranging from film and television, red carpet, editorial and salon stylists.

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