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Behind the Scenes

Discover what inspired Hair Rituel Squad Member Aubrey Marie to create the Beauty Looks for the Oscar Nominated Lady Bird.

Aubrey Marie is an LA-based hairdresser whose work can be seen in some of your favorite TV shows and movies including VEEP, I Love Dick, Lady Bird and The Good Place. Always knowing she had an eye for classic period-style hair, Aubrey’s first industry work was styling wigs for theatre including ballets, operas and Cirque du Soleil. She transitioned into film and television by continuing her work as a wig specialist, often keeping the trade secret that your favorite character’s hair is actually a wig. Aubrey loves the way hair can transform and create characters and this love of being transported into a certain place or time through film inspired her to be a hairdresser. As a matter of fact, Rita Hayworth’s perfectly coiffed hair flip in a dance number from the movie Gilda is still a magic hair moment she remembers to this day. When she’s not busy fingerwaving and styling, Aubrey enjoys traveling or going to concerts with her husband.

1. Aubrey, is it true you used photos of your friends from middle school and high school to get hair inspiration?

Yes!! I was in Junior High in 2001-2003 so it was perfect timing! I went to an arts school and have some really great backstage photos of us all done up in theater Hair & Make-up. We looked insane! Also, I should probably apologize to my friends for showing some embarrassing photos of them to Greta!

2. How would you describe the hair look for this film?

The look of the hair in this film is very carefree, grounded, and natural. Greta had expressed that she wanted very natural, air dried, hair. And that she could tell when a curling or straightening iron was used. So I set out to make everyone as natural as possible.

3. What were some key products you used to get these looks?

I didn't use much on this movie, which was great because we had a tiny budget! Saoirse’s hair was all about her texture shampoo, color shampoo (to get that perfectly faded pink color), texture spray, and dry shampoo. Beanie who played Julie is allergic to everything, so we didn't use anything at all! Everyone else was mostly moisture in the form of oils (such as the Hair Rituel Hair Care Oil) and leave ins, and a bit of hairspray. We had a bit of fake hair in the movie as well! Odeya had two sets, one for when her hair was down, and one for when it was in a pony. Laurie wore a bang piece, since her hair was on the thinner side. I opted to add in a bang piece rather than cutting them on her hair and they worked great! She loved to shock people on set by removing them at the end of each day in front of everyone!

4. What is your favorite memory from working on set?

I feel like we have so many fun memories from shooting, its hard to pick one! We had a ladies night in, one night in Sacramento after work. It was the hair and make-up ladies, Saoirse, and her assistant. We all gathered in one of the hotel rooms to eat pizza and watch a movie in our pajamas. We couldn’t figure out how to play it on the TV so we ended up watching the first episode of Westworld. And we had a running commentary about the hair, make-up, and acting!

5. What is your favorite look you created?

My favorite look has to be Saoirse’s everyday look. It seems like nothing, but there was a lot of strategic twisting, diffusing, wash schedule, and product use. I’m super happy with the end result, because she looked like she just woke up and left the house without even considering her hair. I do also love the character Jenna’s hair, because a high pony with a bow is the cutest!

6. Do you work closely with the costume and makeup artist to create your looks?

Jackie (make-up department head) and I worked very closely on the looks for everyone. It was a supremely collaborative process for us because we each respected the others craft, while offering up suggestions to each other that really furthered the process. We clicked really well, and had a great time working together!

7. Where did you draw your inspiration?

I drew my inspiration from my experiences from that time with my surroundings, as well as pop culture of the time. Jackie and I also bought Seventeen and Glamour magazines from the late nineties and early 2000’s to brush up on the looks.

8. How many people’s hair were you responsible for doing daily?

I did a majority of the cast, and each day differed because of who was shooting. I always took care of Saoirse, Laurie, Odeya, Timothee, and sometimes Beanie.

9. How long on average did each look take to complete from start to finish?

Since Saoirse was in almost every scene, she had a very short turnaround each night, and every day the inevitable question would come to us, "How fast can we get her to set?" So we would hustle to get her done in 30 minutes or less working at the same time, sometimes while she laid back to nap. We even had to get her fully done up on set one day because the timing was so tight. For everyone else we would take about 15-30 minutes per person.

10. Which character did you relate to the most in this film? Why?

I related to Lady Bird in a lot of ways, and not at all in others. I definitely felt that struggle to want to be “cool” but was very not cool at all. And of course as women we struggle with our female friendships, trying to figure out who we are while trying to connect with other girls in the very weird social situation that is high school. We have all had break ups and reunions with friends, its just us figuring out the boundaries. I also had a huge crush on a guy who turned out to be gay. I however, have a really great relationship with my mom, and knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life after high school, so we differ in that way.

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