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Hair Rituel Squad: Christopher Naselli

Christopher Naselli is an accomplished hairstylist whose work has earned him a loyal following among New York City’s creative community. Raised by his hairstylist mother in New York, Christopher spent afternoons in her salon watching 1970s street style explode around him. He became passionate about the aesthetics of beauty and set a course at an early age to perfect his technique. Christopher is a true collaborator. His remarkable gift for listening to his clients and translating their vision, while also pushing his own creative boundaries, has set him apart in the field. An energetic and committed artist, Christopher loves making people look their best. Christopher’s clients include film and television actors, sports figures, and top editors in fashion and news. He has more than 15 years of professional experience and has studied in Paris and London. He has worked at top salons in New York City including John Dellaria and Dop Dop Salon.

1. Tell us about how you fell in love with Sisley-Paris?

I was given the Black Rose Cream Mask as a gift and instantly fell in love. I immediately had to try other products within the line and was amazed by the difference in my skin.

2. Who has had a major influence on your life or career?

I grew up in a household full of beautiful, strong, confident women. Hairdressing was always around me as my mother was a stylist for almost 40 years. As a child I would sit in my mom’s bathroom and be mesmerized as she set her hair perfectly. She also had this amazing closet full of hairpieces, wigs and falls that was like a treasure chest of beauty products. I saw her passion while she worked. I learned from her how to make women look and feel beautiful.

3. What beauty tip was passed onto you by a mentor, friend or family member when you were younger or just starting out in the industry that you still carry with you today?

I studied at Vidal Sasson in London, was an apprentice in Paris and Milan and worked along side of John Dellaria who was a creative genius. He taught me that hair is architectural. I learned shapes and movement, and to never be afraid to experiment. I love pushing creative boundaries. I love taking people out of their comfort zones - that’s when they can see themselves in new, amazing ways.

4. Similarly, can you share your favorite hair advice or tip?

Never be afraid of a change. With hair, the possibilities are endless.

5. Where do you find inspiration?

To tell you the truth, (it sounds cliche but) inspiration really is everywhere. I love to travel and discover new cultures. Luckily I get to go to some incredible places for work and I always seem to find something unique to inspire me. I try to stay open to new experiences, go local and take in the beautiful women, the colors, the culture and textures of the landscapes.

5. What are the three Sisley-Paris products you can’t live without?

Black Rose Cream Mask... obsessed. Sisleÿum and Eye and Lip Contour Balm.

6. If you could be in the room with anyone while they are getting their hair done who would it be?

Elizabeth Taylor

7. What hair trends can we look forward to in the coming months?

Micro bangs, Long healthy shiny hair and big bouncy 90’s super model hair.

8. What is your favorite Hair Rituel Product and why?

The Precious Hair Oil, it’s a light oil that nourishes the hair and creates brilliant shine.

9. What is a great hairstyle that can be created with one of the new products?

The Precious Hair Oil is a great styling tool. It’s perfect to create slicked back looks like Chignons or a slick Ponytail.

10. Why are you excited about Sisley’s newest launch?

As a hairstylist and a fan of the Sisley’s skin care line, I’m beyond excited that there is now a haircare line that truly works from the inside out. Now there’s a high quality haircare product that can keep your hair healthy AND beautiful.

11. How does it feel to be a part the #HairRituelSquad?

It always feels wonderful to be part of something that you truly believe in and to be surrounded by like minded creatives that share the same passion and love of beauty.

12. What is one of your favorite rituals and why?

The Met Ball is one of my favorite all time events. I usually get my clients ready at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC and when all of the hard work is done, I always meet up with my artist friends at the bar to have a Martini or two. It’s the best.

What is the "Hair Rituel Squad"?

Prior to the launch of Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris, we selected a group of haircare experts to preview the coveted new line.

It was our hope that these trusted industry leaders would not only help to shape our vision for the new line, but that they would evaluate the products and inform us as to how they would plan to incorporate these products into their famed routines and daily practices.

Our goal was to begin to build a trusted community of talented experts who would have an ongoing relationship to the brand- an open line of communication through which to share their opinions, trial the products (on themselves and their clients) and provide us with their honest feedback.

Our new hand selected "Hair Rituel Squad" are the best and most notable names in the industry ranging from film and television, red carpet, editorial and salon stylists.

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