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4 Trendy Fall Hairstyles

Looking for fast, easy ways to increase the chic-factor this fall? Here are some easy-to-achieve hairstyles you can create using a simple scarf for a stylish start to the season.

A classic that never goes out of style, you certainly sported a braid at some point during your childhood or teenage years. Your inner child will be pleased to discover that this timeless look is also considered to be quite chic during office hours. For that extra pop of personal style, swap the third strand of your braid for a colorful scarf. Begin by sweeping your hair back into a ponytail, tying the scarf at its base to keep it in place. Separate your hair into two sections, gathering any loose strands together with the scarf, and begin braiding as you would with a regular three strand braid. Finish off your braid by wrapping the scarf around its tip and making a firm knot.

Once considered ‘has-been,’ the low ponytail has made its comeback as the easy-to-achieve, stylish hairstyle for any situation. New and improved, it has once again taken its place as a chic go-to hairstyle that is ideal for feeling at ease at the office. To ensure it holds well, use an elastic to set it in place before looping your scarf around it prettily.

Forget the hairpins and bun-maker-- try this 3-minute hack for a chic chignon you can wear elegantly all day long. Begin by tying the scarf around your head and over your hair like a headband. Next, take a first small section of hair from the side of your face and wrap it around your band. Do the same thing across the entire band, taking care to leave it a tad looser around the middle area in order to give the illusion of a true chignon. For a final touch with a hint of Bohemian style, let two small strands fall loose on either side of your face.

Just like its literal meaning, the objective of this hairstyle is to use your scarf like a headband. This last look transcends generations, and today can be improvised with a simple scarf. To put it in the right place, create a half ponytail with the help of a hair elastic, taking care to allow a few strands loose around the face. Next, wrap and tie your scarf around your head, placing it precisely where your hair was pulled back to shape your half ponytail. Finally, detach your hair and let it fall over the scarf. You’re all set for a week of effortlessly chic style at the office!

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