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3 Essential Tips for Maintaining Hair Length

When it comes to maintaining your tresses, certain habits will keep you in tip-top shape. Here are the 3 key habits to adopt right now.

Clean, Calm, and Collected

Washing your hair should be gentle and relaxing, there is no need to energetically rub your scalp or hair! In fact, too vigorous of a cleaning will actually aggravate them both! Opt for a (volumizing shampoo or a taming shampoo) is best suited for your hair type – and apply it gently over the scalp. Massage with the tips of your fingers for one full minute (you may massage a few seconds longer for your own pleasure), then rinse. The foam created from the massage is to perfectly clean the hair. Finish off with a detangling treatment for easy styling.

Bottoms Up

Does your hair tend to tangle easily? Practice patience by untangling each strand gently. Nix the plastic and metal combs and go for a wooden comb with natural bristles. Get into the habit of brushing your hair from the bottom to the top: start with the tips and gradually move upward, since brushing hair from the root to the tip actually tightens knots. Remember to brush your hair each morning and evening. Brushing is to the hair as make-up removal is to the skin: it removes impurities that have crept into the hair during the day. Another wise habit to take on? Brush your hair only when it is dry. By brushing your hair while it is wet, you risk breaking and snapping your strands.

Make Way for Masks

Frequently applying masks to the hair helps maintain beautiful strands and helps repair damaged ends. The Hair Rituel Regenerating Hair Mask, enriched with four vegetable oils, promotes an overall regeneration of the scalp and hair length, thanks to a formula that is highly concentrated in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Apply the treatment to washed, dried hair, evenly distributing the product from roots to tips. Massage over the scalp, leave for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Hello there, dream hair !

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