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The Trio Candle Set

The perfect gift for giving (or keeping for yourself!)

Sisley candles pleasantly scent a room with an intense, yet refined manner to create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

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The Trio Candle Set


    The perfect gift for giving (or keeping for yourself!)

    The Candle Trio contains three scents iconic to Sisley: Rose, Tuberose, and Campagne. Each of the paraffin wax candles with cotton wicks are all full size (5.8oz) and have an approximate burn time of 45 hours.

    The ROSE CANDLE: From garden to candle... Inspired by Madame Isabelle d’Ornano’s rose garden, the co-founder of Sisley, the rose was also the inspiration for Izia Eau de Parfum. The Rose candle reveals the botanical freshness and elegance of this unique flower.

    In its burgundy lacquered glass, the Rose candle reveals a sunshine yellow paraffin wax, evoking the heart of its iconic flower. The TUBEROSE CANDLE: A candle with delicate notes, yet warm scent, recreating the night Tuberose flower, enhanced with precious balsam and vanilla… In its matte white lacquered glass, the Tuberose candle reveals an intense black paraffin wax in contrast.

    The CAMPAGNE CANDLE: The countryside is brought into the home... Inspired by the iconic Eau de Campagne collection, the Campagne candle is a concentration of nature with an elegant and bold essence that retains a spa-like quality.

    In its forest green lacquered glass, the Campagne candle reveals an intense black paraffin wax.

    Usage tips

    • When using for the first time, burn for at least two hours. • To align the wax level, allow the candle to burn for several hours, without exceeding 4 hours. • For optimum use, check that the wick is always vertical and centered when lighting. • If the candle smokes or is the wick drops in the wax, carefully cut the wickat 1cm after allowing the wax to cool.

    Olfactory notes

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