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All Day All Year

Essential anti-aging day cream

An anti-age shield that protects the skin from outside aggressions causing skin aging.

Size : 50 ml
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All Day All Year


    All Day All Year is the essential anti-aging day care; it acts as a dual-purpose protective shield, protecting skin from external aggressions:

    1. Anti-UVA-UVB shield: its encapsulated filters protect skin to limit oxidative stress.

    2. Anti-free radical and anti-stress shield: a powerful synergy of plant extracts with anti-free radical properties protect the skin from harmful external factors.

    Kept inside this protective bubble till night, the skin appears more radiant, toned and dense. Wrinkles are visibly diminished over time. Light, comfortable texture. Non-comedogenic.


    Moisturized and protected all day long, the skin maintains its youthfulness longer. Day after day, fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished, the skin regains a more smooth, radiant appearance.

    Usage tips

    Each morning, apply All Day All Year to clean and dry skin, to face and neck using a gentle massaging motion.

    Key ingredients

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