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Targeted and complementary skincare products allow you to treat a specific area of the face or problem related to a skin state, either on an occasional or daily basis. This may mean, for example, treating the delicate areas of the face like the eye and lip contour or using masks with a targeted action or occasional treatments.

These skincare products act in synergy with other skincare products in order to generate the best results, all while respecting each skin type’s specific needs.

Eye and Lip Contour

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of the face. It is a part of the face that is constantly in motion (blinking) and blood and lymphatic circulation is slower in this area, resulting in dark circles and puffiness. This is also the first area to show signs of aging, like fine lines caused by dehydration, laugh lines, and loosening of the skin.

In order to preserve the beauty of the eye area, it is essential to treat the eye contour with a targeted hydrating skincare product. The Botanical Eye and Lip Contour Balm and the Botanical Eye and Lip Contour Complex are designed to be used before the appearance of these first signs of aging (The Sisleÿa can be used at a later period when an anti-aging product is needed). To reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles while leaving the eye area looking immediately refreshed and feeling smoothed, use the Eye Contour Mask .

The lips are also delicate. Lacking sebaceous glands, they dry out easily and require specific hydration and protection. Use a nourishing and reparative skincare product such as the Nutritive Lip Balm .


To keep the skin looking luminous and refine its texture, it is essential to exfoliate regularly by using gentle scrubs like the and the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream . Using a scrub allows you to eliminate the dead cells that dull the complexion and to prepare your skin to receive the skincare products you subsequently apply.


Due to their immediate benefits, facial masks are ideal complements to your daily skincare products. Sisley facial masks allow for the regular or occasional targeting of a specific issue; dehydration ( Hydra-Flash , Express Flower Gel ), loss of radiance ( Radiant Glow Express Mask ),sensitive skin ( Facial Mask with Linden Blossom ), excess sebum ( ), and signs of aging ( Black Rose Cream Mask ).


Serums are intensive daily-use skincare products designed to combat the signs linked to skin aging. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, serums have a spectacular, immediate, and long-lasting action.

At Sisley, there are three targeted anti-aging serums that specifically treat the following problems: wrinkles ( ), loss of radiance ( Sisleÿa Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate ), and loss of firmness ( Sisleÿa Global Firming Serum ). These three serums are part of the line of Sisleÿa products, renowned for its comprehensive and technological approach to anti-aging products.


Treatments that you use occasionally or regularly throughout the year are intended to restart your skin’s mechanisms detoxify skin or provide an intensive treatment for a specific issue. After a treatment, skin is re-energized and will benefit more from your daily skincare products.

At Sisley, there are four treatments: Sisleÿa-Elixir , (an anti-aging treatment that was designed to restart the skin’s mechanisms) Botanical D-Tox , (a detoxifying treatment that restores radiance to those with a dull and lifeless complexion) , (a nighttime activator that restores the skin’s vitality and tone) and PHYTO - BLANC ABSOLUTE LIGHT ESSENCE 4X15ML (an intensive treatment that clarifies the skin and is highly effective against the appearance of dark spots).