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Sunleÿa SPF 15

Medium protection anti-aging suncare

Ensures UVA-UVB protection for the skin and helps protect the skin from photo-aging and the sun's harmful effects.

Sunleÿa SPF 15


    Sunleÿa Anti-aging Suncare SPF 15 is the ideal anti-aging suncare product which protects the skin from photo-ageing and the harmful effects of the sun without impeding tanning. The UVA and UVB filtering complex, reinforced with reflecting micro-spheres, only let in the right amount of rays so that skin can perform its natural photoprotection reflex mechanisms. The combination of anti-free radical active ingredients including mineral Rhodochrosite extract and botanical Alkekengi Calyx and vitaminic (Vitamin E acetate) extracts also neutralise oxidising reactions which may cause skin ageing, offering an exclusive complex that guarantees the protection of cellular DNA. Powerful moisturising agents provide a long-lasting increase in moisture levels. Non-comedogenic.


    Your tan is luminous, even, and long-lasting.

    Usage tips

    Apply Sunleÿa Anti-aging Suncare SPF 15 liberally prior to sun exposure. Must be reapplied every 2 hours and after swimming.; Caution: avoid overexposure to the sun and the sunniest times of day.; Do not expose babies and young children to direct sun.

    Key ingredients