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The winter was long. You're tired and it shows on your face. Discover a few tips for restoring your skin's beauty... 

Do you wake up every morning to a dull complexion and puffy dark circles under your eyes? If your face looks tired every morning, follow these 10 commandments to restore radiance and vitality to your skin!



Drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day helps keep skin quenched and plumped up. Still, sparkling, lemon-infused or in a herbal tea - whatever works for you! 



No time for the gym? Ride a bike to work, get off the bus or subway a few stops early, use the stairs instead of the elevator... There is always a way to fit in some exercise, helping you clear your mind and restoring a rosy radiance to your face!



Restore vitality to your eyes by leaving a couple of teaspoons in the freezer overnight and laying them over the eye contour area come morning. It will make you look more awake in an instant.


Vitamin C

Fill up on energy by feeding your body fruit that is rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruit, kiwi, acerola or guava... Stuffed full of anti-oxidants, it will help you detoxify your body and restore your skin's glow.


The benefits of a repairing night's sleep

To fully reap the benefits of a restorative night's slumber, listen to your body and don't fight the urge to sleep. Adopt a zen attitude in the early evening and have only a light meal. Don't go to bed too late, you need at least 8 hours for your sleep to really work its magic!


3,2,1… Grimace!

To relax and revive your face during a stressful day, try pulling faces using all your muscles: cheeks, forehead, nose... Go on, try a grimace!


'Anti-fatigue' foods 

Fill up on energy by opting for 'anti-fatigue' foods. Rich in magnesium, vitamins, and iron, chocolate, yogurt, salmon, parsley, and red meat will give you a boost that shows in your complexion.


Go mask-mad

A purifying mask like the Radiant Glow Express Mask with Red Clay will instantly restore radiance to your complexion. To provide refreshing vitality to the eye contour area, use a product specifically designed for that sensitive, delicate skin, such as the Eye Contour Mask.





Choose So Curl, Sisley's latest mascara, to open up and brighten your eyes in a few brush strokes! Its nourishing formula acts on the roots to beautify your lashes day after day.





Whether pink, orange-toned or brown, blush is the best ally against dull, tired complexions. Just a touch is enough to give the illusion of fresh, sparkling skin.

Turn off all your screens at bedtime (smartphones, computers, TVs, etc.), as they can keep your brain switched on and inhibit sleep. It is better to read a little before bed to help you fall quickly into a healing sleep.