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Healthy Glow Sun Protection

Finally! The first rays of summer sunshine are starting to kiss our skin...

But you don't need to choose between a glowing complexion and optimal sun protection.

As you luxuriate on a sun lounger by the sea or on a café terrace, wander around summer markets or stroll through the town, the first rays of sunshine start to delicately warm your face... Sunny days are here to stay!


You're probably looking forward to regaining a pretty, healthy complexion. But don't forget to protect your skin from UV rays with a carefully chosen sunscreen, hat and sunglasses...



A beautified, protected complexion


We tend to think that using sunscreen means forgoing a tan - but this is not actually the case. Regular application of protective skin care during sun exposure helps build up a pretty, long-lasting tan while minimizing the harmful effects of the sun. So play it safe as soon as the sun comes out...


Can't wait? Use a tinted sun care product to beautify your skin while waiting for a natural tan.

The Super Soins Solaires Tinted Sun Care SPF 30 / PA+++ were created to offer you optimal protection while enhancing your complexion. They help reveal your beautiful healthy glow and protect your skin from UV rays. They can also meet your make-up requirements, as they come in two shades to create a result as close as possible to your skin tone. 

0/Porcelain    1/Natural   

Thanks to its fine and silky texture, this sun care is easy to apply. You won't even know it's there - but it will still resist water effectively.


Sun protection for the body

When you heading to the beach or enjoying outdoor sports, you will want to protect your skin at all times to avoid sun burnt. The ultra-light, water-resistant Super Soin Solaire Milky Body Mist Sun Care SPF 30 PA+++ ensures high sun protection for your body throughout the day.

This ultra-light, non-greasy milky body mist has a multi-directional spray that allows a uniform distribution and easy application, leaving the skin soft and comfortable. It melts into the skin without leaving any white traces.



       Town use sun protection

UV rays are everywhere, indoors or outdoors, even on cloudy days. When you go to work, go out for lunch, make sure you are protected from the UV rays, one of the major cause of skin ageing.


Build an ultimate anti-ageing shield with All Day All Year Essential Day Care. This moisturizing day care provides at least 8 hours continuous protections against 90% of UVA and UVB, thanks to its encapsulated filtration system. The skin is moisturized and protected all day long.