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Show your legs !

With the approach of long weekends, pants are making way for skirts and dresses. Take care of your legs now to reveal them at their best !

Slender Legs

As summer approaches, we want to feel light. It’s the same for our legs, especially after a long day spent riding or wearing sporting gear. Adopt a treatment that is at once toning and sculpting : White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs acts as an energiser to bring more tonicity and lightness to the legs, and as a resculpter so that they are nicely slimmed.

Apply morning and night, starting with the arch of the foot and going upward from the ankles toward the top of the legs. Make circular movements around the malleolus, also known as the ankle bone, with the fingers. Next, massage the calf, smoothing the skin toward the knee using the edge of the hand. Reproduce the same gesture from the knee to the top of the buttocks, and finish with large, deep circular motions from the knee up toward the buttocks and hip. Repeat three times, and enjoy the feeling of lightness !

Sublime Skin

In the wintertime, we have a tendency to leave out caring for our legs. The moment the temperature begins to rise, it’s not uncommon to notice that the area may have a rather sad complexion. Get started on operation « perfect legs » ! Begin by exfoliating the skin to get rid of dead skin cells that have accumulated during the long winter months, and offer it a generous dose of hydration with the Restorative Body Cream. Its active ingredients will strengthen the hydration mechanisms by keeping water in the epidermis, thus offering skin that is soft, thirst-quenched and more resistant to external aggressions. If your skin is very dry, use Confort Extrême Body Cream,specifically formulated to intensely and durably nourish even the most dehydrated and delipidated skin (lacking nutrition). All that’s left for you to do now is reveal the result…

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