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The anti-pollution beauty regime



Your skin is bombarded every day with polluted air full of particles, so it sometimes needs a breath of fresh air.

Discover the best way to look after your skin in the city.

Treat your skin to invigorating, revitalizing and protective skin care specifically formulated for urban living.   



We are surrounded by polluting substances that bombard our skin on a daily basis. The skin acts as a natural barrier against this environmental damage - and it suffers the consequences.


Carbon monoxide from vehicle emissions and some heating appliances gradually deteriorates the cells of the epidermis. A dull complexion, premature aging or dehydrated skin are all signs of the accumulated effects of pollution...


Released into the earth's atmosphere, suspended particles, nitrogen oxide, ozone and sulfur dioxide can irritate and damage the skin. When mixed with natural dust, residual make-up and sebum produced by the skin, these polluting agents generate free radicals in the epidermis. The skin's natural defense and detoxification systems are weakened and rendered less effective.


A targeted daily skin care regime can minimize the impact of these external factors.




The best way to purify and protect your skin day to day


The effects of pollution on the skin are well known to Sisley Research,

which is why they have developed skin care with anti-oxidant, protective and revitalizing properties.








Start by ridding your skin of all the impurities that have accumulated during the day or night.

Always remember to cleanse your skin twice a day.




Use the Soapless Foaming Cleanser daily on the face and neck, using circular motions to massage the product in with either your fingertips or with the Gentle Brush, then rinse thoroughly with water. Its unique, soap-free formula has been specifically formulated to gently cleanse the skin without harming the epidermis. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and leaves the skin clear, fresh and supple, with no dryness.








Over time, pollution dulls the complexion. To restore its luminosity, use an "instant radiance" mask such as the Radiant Glow Express Mask. The absorbent properties of clay combined with plant extracts help to eliminate impurities that dull the complexion and deep-cleanse the skin.

Your purified, refreshed skin is ready to receive the next products in your skin care regime.











Once your skin is cleansed, opt for an essential daily skin care such as Ecological Compound, which can fortify the skin’s own defense system and maintain an equilibrium state to resist the harmful effects of environmental stresses (pollution, UVs). Enriched with a powerful complex of plant-based active ingredients, it helps restore the skin’s balance, indispensable for its proper functioning: the skin ecosystem. It hydrates and reinforces the skin’s barrier function throughout the day. The skin is left revitalized, toned, and supple.











An accumulation of fatigue, daily stress and a hectic everyday life leaves your skin working overtime. It is in need of some timeout, a boosting break to purify, replenish and get its energy back.

Botanical D-Tox is the ideal detox skin care solution, an intensive night treatment which provides a complete action to target 3 major levels of the skin detoxification process. It promotes detoxification at a cellular level*, stimulates the skin's natural defenses against oxidative stress** and provides a boosting action. After 4 weeks, your skin is replenished and reenergized!

* ex vivo test on the ingredient

**in vitro test on the ingredient






A balanced diet, rich in anti-oxidants (fruit, colored vegetables, tea, cacao) helps to fight against oxidative stress. Regular exercise away from industrial areas and traffic also helps our system eliminate accumulated toxins.