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Why use a toning lotion?

Find out how incorporating a toning lotion can enhance your beauty regime.

C ertain steps - such as removing make-up, cleansing or applying moisturiser - are already firm favourites in most people's beauty regime, but there is one essential product that we tend to forget: toning lotion. As well as being a lovely sensory experience for the skin, it is beneficial in several different ways for our beauty regime.

Toning lotion...

... perfects make-up removal

Applied with a cotton pad, toning lotion gets rid of the last impurities left on the skin, leaving it perfectly clean.

... prepares skin for other skin care products

Toning lotion gently "wakes up" and tones the skin, thus preparing it to better benefit from your daily skin care routine.

... softens the skin

Sisley's Floral Toning Lotion is made with plant extracts including Cornflower and Rose, renowned for their soothing and softening properties. It is therefore ideal for dry and sensitive skin types, making them feel more comfortable and fresher.

... refreshes oily skin

Others, such as the Grapefruit Toning Lotion and the Lotion with Tropical Resins, are rich in astringent active ingredients such as Grapefruit or purifying ones, like Benzoin. Their formulas purify combination to oily skin by eliminating excess sebum and tighten pores.

Our selection for dry and sensitive skin
Floral Toning Lotion

Our selection for combination to oily skin
Grapefruit Toning Lotion
Lotion with Tropical Resins

Our selection for all skin types
Floral Spray Mist

How to apply toning lotion ?
Sweep a cotton pad soaked in lotion over the face and neck, morning and evening, after removing make-up, cleansing your face with water or using a mask. Leave the skin to absorb the lotion for a few moments before continuing your skin care regime.

The products used

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