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Scented candles for a cosy home

How can you make a room feel warmer without changing all the soft furnishings and materials? The answer is simple: Lighting a scented candle can completely change the ambiance of a room to one that is softer and more welcoming.

Sisley scented candles enhance interiors.

Which candle for which interior?

You can choose different fragrances depending on the place, the season, the time of day and your mood. In summer, botanical aromas such as those of the Campagne Candle refresh the atmosphere and invigorate the air in a room, particularly in city environments.

If you prefer a cosy ambiance, go for floral notes. The delicate scent of Rose, the top note in the Sisley candle, warms the atmosphere and makes it feel more intimate.

And for a bathroom? There's no better accompaniment to a beauty ritual or long relaxing bath than the fragrance of white flowers... Tuberose, with its spicy notes that enhance the Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang is absolutely divine.

For even more fragrance and a much longer burning time, treat yourself to the new Sisley giant candles in Rose and Campagne. The glass containers painted in satin vibrant colours brighten up any interior.

Delicate notes bring a warm feel to a room.

What's the best way to look after a scented candle?

Logically, you'd think that all you need to do with a scented candle is light it and then snuff it out. However, there are a few essential things you can do to make it last longer. For example, you can trim the wick regularly to help it burn better. The wick shouldn't be more than one centimetre long for optimal burning. Ensure you use caution when cutting the wick because soot stains!

If the wax has melted on one side only, put your candle on a flat surface and leave it to burn for a few hours, but no longer than four.

The wick must also be right in the centre of the candle. Remember to move it back to the middle from time to time if it slips over to one side.

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