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Mascara: which wand for which result?

The secret to a high-performance mascara lies in the combination of an intelligent formula and a high-tech wand. Which one will suit you best?

Lash to lash

The key to applying mascara like a make-up artist is to catch each individual lash. The So Intense wand has been designed for this purpose: with its comb shape, it allows an even distribution of the texture, which, in addition to thickening the lashes, makes them stronger. The secret to great application? Start at the root of the lashes, then work up to the tip. This technique avoids lumps forming and gives a natural result.

XXL length

Create long, defined lashes for a wide-eyed look. The Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch ” wand and its dual-fiber enriched formula ensures optimal definition for even the shortest lashes.

Glamorous curve

Achieve lifted lashes without an eyelash curler, for a simplified beauty routine. So Curl gives lashes a glamorous curve for a feline look. Place the curved part of the brush against the lashes to lift and curl. “So Curl” is enriched with lash-boosting ingredients to care for the area where the eyelash curler can damage the lashes.

Because the eyebrows accentuate the architecture of the face, it’s important to highlight them. Thicken and tame them with Phyto-Sourcils Fix.

The products used

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