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The 10 Beach Rules

Before you revel in the fine sand and enjoy the sea, follow our 10 beauty rules to enjoy your time at the beach relaxed and protected!

S ea air. There's nothing like it to put a smile on your face and a healthy glow on your cheeks. But don't forget to protect yourself from the sun...

The 10 Beach Rules

Choose the right SPF for your skin

You have been waiting all year for some glorious sunshine - but don't forget that the sun can be harmful to your skin... So don't skimp on sun care, and be sure to choose the right SPF for both your skin type and the weather conditions.

Remember to top up your sun care

Reapply your sun care every two hours and after swimming. Just one application for the day is not enough.

Stay out of the sun at its strongest

To protect your skin, stay in the shade when the sun is at its strongest... Avoid leaving for the beach too late in the morning or too early in the afternoon.

Keep your head in the shade

Wear a hat or shelter under a parasol. This will protect your face and hair from the sun's rays.

Protect your eyes

Sunglasses aren't just a fashion accessory; first and foremost, they're there to protect your eyes from UV rays and help stop fine lines from appearing prematurely around the eye contour area.

Keep a bottle of water nearby

For your skin to stay looking fresh and beautiful, you need to keep hydrated. Always have a bottle of water within arm's reach and drink before you start to feel thirsty to maintain an optimal hydration level.

Refresh your face

At the beach, skin quickly becomes dehydrated and overheated. The Eau Florale refreshes skin in mere seconds, while soothing and rehydrating it.

Take care of your lips

Want to stay looking pretty and feminine, even on the beach? Then pop a tinted balm like Phyto-Lip Twist. into your bag. It's fun, practical and so easy to apply, even without a mirror, giving your lips a radiant sheen of colour and leaving them soft and moisturised.

Bring something to read

Do you enjoy reading magazines on the beach? Stay up-to-date with the latest Sisley news and tips by reading all the summer articles in our online magazine.

Get some exercise

Half an hour of walking on the sand with your feet in the water promotes blood circulation and tones legs. The resistance from the water and sand makes a walk on the beach a great way to keep in shape and top up your tan! Just be careful of the sun reflecting off the water.

Have a great holiday!

Once you're back from the beach, your skin will need a bit of TLC. Find out how to take care of your skin after sun exposure here.

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