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The House of Sisley - L`Eau du Soir

In his book, “La beaute en partage” (“Beauty in Sharing”), Hubert D’Ornano allows us to unveil the birth of l’Eau du Soir. As a promise of eternal love, he would offer his wife the House’s first women’s fragrance-- a fragrance of character, elegance and timelessness…

At Sisley, the perfumes are long-lasting and rare. Thirteen years after Eau de Campagne, Eau du Soir was created for Isabelle in 1989. In memory of her Andalusian gardens, when day fades into night, and the white syringa flower fully releases its fragrances.

The following year, Eau du Soir became Sisley’s second perfume, composed of a floral heart and a beautiful olfactory richness, made of syringa, rose, jasmine, lily and ylang-ylang. Eau du Soir, a kind of evening water with an elegant floral chypre fragrance, was met with immediate success.

Since 1998, we have given it a cap depicting the face of a cosmic woman, designed by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof, whom we have known and appreciated for many years. During one of his visits in Paris, we asked him:

"Bronek, why not create a sculpture that could be the cap of a perfume bottle?
– “Why not? I’ll try, but only if I like the scent!”

Bronislaw Krzysztof would go on to adore Eau du Soir and create ten sculptures for us. We would choose two of them, one for Eau du Soir, and a second when we would launch Soir Lune.

Eau du Soir, along with its ornate case, has become a classic and, from now on, we will create a different coloured bottles in Limited Edition designs for Christmas.

Find Hubert d’Ornano’s testimony in his book, “La beauté en partage.” Discover the story of a life belonging to a visionary and passionate entrepreneur, who fills its pages with his passion for entrepreneurship, his attachment to his family and to nature, and his curiosity about the world, across which he has traveled to develop Sisley.

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