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5 Autumn Delights

The days are getting shorter, and the leaves are beginning to reveal red hues... Autumn is arriving, and bringing with it seasonable delights…

Reading by the fire

In Autumn, the nights start to draw in and evenings become darker. It is the perfect opportunity for organising a relaxing evening by the fire: a blanket, a book and some sweet snacks… Benefit from the soothing sounds of the crackling fire while devouring the novel you had planned to finish over the summer. You can also adapt this evening program to include a TV series you’ve been itching to finish, or a classic film you’ve been meaning to see.

The Orient candle diffuses mysterious notes, infused with a spiced wood and floral accord.

A beauty ritual by candlelight

The first signs of frost are beginning to appear, bringing with them the strong desire to dive into a warm, welcoming bath. Immediately transform your bathroom into a beauty sanctuary by lighting the Orient Candle : its mysterious notes, infused with spiced wood and floral notes, will immerse you into the warm and scented ambiance of Andalusia. Enjoy this moment of pure relaxation with an exfoliation, a mask or a bath… Prolong the experience with the Soir d’Orient Moisturizing Perfumed Body Cream.

A Country Walk

The fresh fragrance of fallen leaves, balmy air that lingers on the skin, boots that sink into the mud: there’s nothing like Autumn to bring you back to nature. Wrap yourself in a cozy sweater and venture into the countryside to appreciate the transforming beauty of the trees, the purity of the air and perhaps even some apple picking!

Nothing beats Autumn for reconnecting with nature.

Sweet Indulgence

What’s the sweetest way to savour a rainy Sunday afternoon? Preparing delicious baked goods to devour during the week! Whether it’s a pumpkin pie or leaf-shaped cookies to celebrate the season, or a comforting chocolate cake, the pleasure you’ll derive from baking something at home is satisfying and delicious.

Turn back time

Only in Autumn can we count on the change of the clocks to provide us with an extra hour of sleep! Nothing beats getting into bed with a hot drink and a favourite film, and finally giving into the sweet embrace of sleep…

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