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Everything you need to know about hydrating your skin

Hydration is key to beautiful skin. But how do you really know if your skin is well-hydrated?

Every skin specialist will tell you: Beautiful skin starts with hydration. But what is hydration? Director of Research at Sisley, José Ginestar states it is “The content of moisture of the skin,” In order to ensure that the moisture content is correct, a few habits are essential.

The right habits to adopt

In order to keep skin hydrated, drinking sufficiently throughout the day is essential (it is recommended you should drink between 1.6 and 2 Litres per day. Another essential habit to include in your daily regime: “Apply a hydrating treatment adapted to your skin type both in the morning and at night.” Recommends José Ginestar. Take care to avoid using “Dehydrating cosmetic products,” and protect your skin from the elements: sun, wind and cold temperatures are all factors that will dehydrate your skin. The same is also true of pollution and lifestyle choices. In order to combat their effects, choose cosmetic products “Targeting the production of hyaluronic acid and aquaporins (the skin irrigation channels) such as Hydra-Global Serum”. It is essential to hydrate the skin continuously.

Age and Hydration

Time plays a primary role in skin hydration. As the years go by, “Skin becomes dryer, naturally producing less lipids and retains water less efficiently,” explains José Ginestar. It is therefore essential “to use products which are at once hydrating, in order to bring skin, the water it is lacking, and nourishing, in order to help reconstruct its lipidic barrier.” The difference between hydration and nutrition? Despite how crucial it is, we tend to forget it too often, and confuse the two distinct needs: the first provides hydration, while the second provides lipids, also known as “fat.”

Skin and pollution

Because screens are omnipresent in everyday life, the skin is continuously exposed to blue light. The negative result? Your skin's aging process is accelerated, so the visible signs of ageing appear prematurely and as a result the skin becomes dehydrated. To prevent skin damage caused by all types of pollution, use a targeted treatment that will preserve the skin's beauty and keep it thoroughly hydrated. Sisley’s Research is based on major scientific advances to detect the harmful effects of digital pollution on the skin and as a result developed SisleYouth Anti-Pollution Sisley has formulated its first anti-pollution protective care by integrating active ingredients that fight against all types of pollution harmful to the skin. This product has been designed for today's men and women who lead a fast pace life, exposed to both external and internal pollution as well as digital pollution caused by an excess of blue light from screens, the impact of which on the skin is now known. For protection that is revitalising, energising and thoroughly hydrating, SisleYouth Anti-Pollution combines several plant-based active ingredients. Buckwheat seed extract, a powerful anti-oxidant, acts as a protective shield against pollution. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, Sisley's flagship active ingredient, protects the skin from radical attacks generated by pollutants, including blue light. The functionality of the skin is enhanced thanks to pea extract and Vitamin E acetate. Day after day, the skin is better protected from all forms of pollution.

Is it necessary to change your routine according to the season?

“In winter, as a function of your skin’s needs, you can adopt a hydrating serum, like Hydra-Global Serum or a nourishing oil likeBlack Rose Precious Skin Oil, in addition to your usual moisturising cream. In summer when we are seeking something light, such as the Hydra-Global Serum will suffice.”

*source: European Health Authorities

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