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Scented candles: the art of making them last

A scented candle is like a plant: you have to care for it in order to enjoy it for a long time.

The 3 scented candle commandments

Logically, you should only approach a scented candle to light it or to put it out. However, a few techniques are essential if you want to make it last for a long time. For example, cutting the wick regularly ensures that it burns better.


You may notice, the wax melts more on one side of the candle than on the other. If you want to rebalance the wax level, place the candle on a flat surface and let it burn for a few hours - without exceeding 4.


Just as you prune a plant to make it grow, it is essential to cut the candle wick regularly. For it to burn optimally, it must be one centimeter long. Always thoroughly clean your hands afterwards to avoid soot stains.


A candle that burns well is a candle whose wick is perfectly centered. Consider putting it back in the middle from time to time if it has slipped to one side.

Which candle for which interior?

Depending on the place, season, time and mood, you want to be surrounded by different scents. In summer, botanical scents, such as those of the Campagne candle, refresh the air and revitalize a room, particularly in an urban environment.

For a cozy atmosphere, opt for the floral notes of the Rose candle. The enveloping fragrance of roses (the main scent of Sisley’s eponymous candle) warms up any atmosphere and gives it a more intimate dimension.

And in the bathroom? Nothing accompanies a beauty ritual or a moment of relaxation in the bath like the scent of white flowers… Tuberose, with its spicy notes that enhance jasmine and ylang-ylang, is perfect for that.

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