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3 beauty resolutions to keep

The new year is here and it's time to make beauty resolutions to keep yourself looking beautiful!

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to begin new habits, although sometimes it can be hard to stick to them.
But what if they made you more beautiful?

Botanical D-Tox night cream helps skin to regenerate.

Get more sleep

Sleep is crucial for healthy skin. Skin cells regenerate when you're asleep. During this time, they are renewed, which helps the skin to repair itself. While the body is resting, the skin works to ward off external aggressions suffered during the day, rebuilds its cutaneous barrier and activates microcirculation. These nocturnal mechanisms explain why you wake up with a fresh complexion and smooth skin after a good night's sleep. So, it's logical that if you haven't had enough sleep, it shows in your skin because it hasn't had time to regenerate as it should do. As well as the familiar signs of tiredness (dark circles and/or bags under the yes), your complexion may look duller and your skin less soft and firm. From the beginning of the year, try going to bed an hour earlier than usual. You will soon feel the benefits in terms of energy and your skin will thank you.

The boost: Boost cellular regeneration with a night-time detox. Botanical D-Tox acts during sleep to detoxify the skin. When you wake up, it is more beautiful and looks cleansed. After a month, lines appear less pronounced, the complexion more radiant and the skin softer.

Drink more water

It is a well-known fact: you need to drink a lot of water for your body to function correctly. If you maintain the correct level of hydration in your body, you are also ensuring the beauty of your skin. The objective to set for the month of January? Drink the recommended one and a half litres of water a day, preferably between meals so you don't interfere with your digestion. To add a little variety, alternate water at room temperature (colder water is inadvisable because your body expends a lot of energy on warming it up once ingested, so it can absorb it with herbal teas which are the perfect way to purify your system after the holiday period.

The boost: In winter, your skin suffers due to external conditions and changes in temperature. It can become drier and feel tighter due to a lack of hydration. Create a moisturising routine with Hydra-Global Serum and Hydra-Global to restore comfort and softness.

A tailored moisturising routine preserves the beauty of the skin.

Allow yourself a little me time

We get caught in the whirlwind of daily life and often forget to take time out for a few moments of well-being and calm. It could be a workout, meditation, relaxation exercises at home, an hour of reading, crafting... or a soothing beauty ritual. Objective: set aside an hour a week just for yourself, turn off your phone, and enjoy the moment without thinking about anything but your own enjoyment.

The boost: Make the most of a quiet evening to apply a face mask and take a long relaxing bath. Black Rose Cream Mask, offers a moisturising shot to the skin or Deeply Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins that instantly purifies the skin… You could even try the multi-masking* trend by applying a different mask to different areas of the face (moisturising mask on the cheeks, purifying on the T zone, smoothing around the eyes... )

* combination of masks

The products used

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