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The Volumising Spray Tutorial: How to create a natural wavy or bouncy look

Is your hair flat, thin or lacking in density? You will adore Sisley’s Hair Rituel’s Volumising Spray and these two easy to achieve, versatile looks.

The wavy look: create perfect beach waves

Separate your hair into two sections to prepare for braiding. Spray the lengths of your hair with the Volumising Spray. Create two tight braids, then “heat” your hair with a blowdryer for a few seconds from beginning to end. Undo the braid and leave your hair loose without brushing. There is no need to use hairspray to keep the waves, since the spray coats your hair with a film that is resistant to humidity.

The bouncy look: bring on the bounce

Just like you did for the previous look, begin by spraying the lengths of your hair. This time, the idea is to make two little high buns on each side. As if you were making a ponytail, begin high up on the head and twist your hair from the root to the tip, before twirling it into a tight chignon. Keep it well in place with a few hair pins. Heat it with a hairdryer, first on the chignon itself, and then, as you begin to untwirl it, on the lengths of your hair. Finally, let your hair fall completely loose and work in the product. You will achieve an airy volume with ends that bounce.

Maintaining your daily volume

The best friend to flat hair in need of immediate volume, the Volumising Spray can be used to retouch your hair. This should always be applied to dry hair. Four sprays and your volume is guaranteed for the day! To apply, hold the product roughly 20 cm away from your head and spray once each side underneath, behind and on each side while lifting your hair. This styling hair care treatment also goes well with the Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo : to complete the effect.

Now that you have the secret to sensational volume in your hands, you can say goodbye to flat hair forever!

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