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The guide to perfectly straightened hair

With a new straightening specialist in the range of cleansing treatments, Hair Rituel by Sisley perfects its expertise for all hair types. Do you think perfectly straightened hair just isn’t possible for you? This simple ritual should prove the opposite…

Nouveau Shampooing Lissant

Straight to the point

To treat any problem, you need to begin at the source. This means straightening right from when you shampoo your hair! The Straightening Revitalizing Shampoo acts on all hair types in the name of straight hair. It is suitable for fine to thick, wavy to untameable and frizz-prone hair. It also allows treating hair that is considered “fluffy.” You’ll know this hair type well if you have curly or dry hair, or a seemingly unmanageable mane, especially when it starts getting humid…
Like the other cleansing treatments in the range, it works from the scalp to the fibre to revitalise from the root and fortify right through to the tip. Its straightening action lies in its specific composition. Made from pearls of the Prairie, Shea and Moringa oils, this treatment smoothes hair by wrapping it in a protective and smoothing film. Frizz is controlled, and hair is intensely nourished and smoothed.
And, if you have already opted for a Brazilian or Japanese straightening treatment, you can rest assured that this treatment still does not loose its effectiveness… Quite on the contrary, it will tame the first signs of resurfacing frizz, such as those pesky little ones that tend to pop up on the top of your head when you least expect them…

To nourish and regenerate forever and for always…

Smooth hair is above all hair that is well nourished and regenerated. The Regenerating Hair Mask with Four Botanical Oils is the ideal treatment to apply after your shampoo in order to nourish the lengths of your hair. It is this step that will leave your hair soft like silk! Moreover, this magic treatment particularly regenerates the scalp for a globally regenerating action.

Régénérer le cheveu avec un masque
L’huile qui sublime le brushing

Oh, beautiful blowdry

Invest in a round brush for blow drying your hair. Begin by separating your hair into multiple horizontal layers. Brush from the bottom and up toward the top of the head. Roll the section around the brush from the root, and roll it out toward the tip while drying it. The final touch? A drop of Precious Hair Oil to make your beautiful and perfectly smoothed hair shine!

Let’s avoid…

The straightening iron, as much as possible! Yes, it may take 10 minutes or less, be economical compared to a straightening treatment at the hair salon, and let you tame the most rebellious locks… okay, it’s tempting to use, but please don’t! It exposes your hair to extreme heat, and you are thus damaging your hair with each time you use it… Learn to accept the nature of your hair. Opt for straight hair one day, or let your curls take over on another. After all, being true to yourself is what style is all about.

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