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Supremÿa at Night

This exceptional night time product repairs past skin damage and leaves skin looking more youthful.

Size : 5 ml

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Supremÿa at Night


    Supremÿa at Night is the latest Supreme Skin Care from Sisley which capitalises on the very latest discoveries in chronobiology and genetics to push back the genetically programmed skin aging for visibly rejuvenated skin. Supremÿa acts at night, the key moment for cellular regeneration, to help skin recover its natural repair mechanisms and regain a youthful appearance. Sisley's Phyto-Complex LC12 is at the heart of this formula. Patented by Sisley it is a powerful combination of 4 plant-based active ingredients which extends the lifespan of cells and improves their quality of life by stimulating cellular self-repair. Spectacular results were observed during Laboratory testing on skin samples (explants): their lifespan was more than doubled, and self-repair and protection capacities were significantly improved (60% reduction in the number of cells destroyed by UVB radiation). Comfortable like a cream and as powerful as a serum, Supremÿa has been designed to be massaged in, allowing the skin to gradually absorb the active ingredients. Its texture is soft and sensorial, all at once lightweight, smooth and rich. Night after night, it optimises skin’s future: genetically programmed skin aging is pushed back, DNA is protected and the skin ages more youthfully. Non-comedogenic. *Ex vivo tested

    Application Tips

    Each night, apply Supremÿa to the face, neck, and décolleté, on clean, dry skin, using a gentle massaging motion until it has been fully absorbed.

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