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Skin sensitivity affects all skin types. You may have sensitive skin from birth or it may become sensitive over the course of time because of the use of cosmetic products which are not adapted to your skin type, your way of life (stress, tobacco use, diet) or due to harmful environmental stressors (climate, pollution, excessive sun exposure).

Skin that is sensitive or prone to irritation may be painful and result in blotchiness, which may systematically appear upon contact with water or due to stress or changes in climate.

How should I clean my sensitive skin ?

As far as skin cleansing is concerned, it is best to do a gentle cleansing and to avoid hard water, which promotes skin sensitivity, and any products with a high soap or alcohol content.

Each morning, get rid of the impurities that have accumulated on your skin during the night and tone with Lyslait and the Floral Toning Lotion , which are perfectly adapted to sensitive skin. If you like the feeling of washing you face with water, you may opt to use a gentle cleanser such as the Lyslait before applying your lotion.

In the evening, remove your makeup with a skincare product specifically designed for the delicate area around the eyes (for example, the Gentle Eye and Lip Make-up Remover ) in order to remove all traces of makeup. Then use your makeup remover or water-based cleanser to remove the rest of your makeup and to eliminate impurities. Finish with a toning lotion.

You can also use a 3-in-1 makeup remover like the Eau Efficace .

Which daily skincare products should I use for my sensitive skin ?

Use products that are adapted to your skin type, as all skin types (dry, normal, or oily) may experience sensitivity. Alternate or replace these products with the Restorative Facial Cream with Shea butter for as long a period as necessary. This facial cream is a true savior for your skin with its soothing and softening qualities. Use it occasionally, when your skin is in a state of crisis, or when you feel it is needed.

How can I protect my sensitive skin ?

To keep skin looking younger, longer, apply Sisley’s “anti-aging shield”, All Day All Year year round. It protects the skin and helps combat the harmful environmental stressors that it encounters daily.