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Firming the different areas of the body

As far as the signs of aging are concerned, the skin on our body is often less affected than the skin on our face, but it also loses firmness. The essential components of our skin are altered and less abundant, resulting in looser skin. Hormonal changes and repeated sun exposure also contribute to a loss of firmness.

The neck

The skin on the neck undergoes a specific type of aging. Subjected to gravity and numerous movements, little by little it loses its firmness and elasticity. It is thinner than the skin on the face, and the products used on the neck are not always adapted to its needs.

To prevent loosening of the skin on the neck, use an adapted skincare product like the . This cream visibly smoothes and firms the skin to restore its youthful appearance, with a light texture that does not leave behind any greasy film (so you can get dressed immediately after applying).

The bust

The bust does not have any muscular support and the skin on the bust is very thin. Dehydration, age, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and nursing may cause wrinkles on the bust line. Over time, a loss of firmness may occur, which may result in breast ptosis.

To maintain the beauty of your bust line, it is essential to use a specific skincare product with an appropriate texture, like , a toning and firming skincare product with a light, delicate texture.

The inner arm, stomach, thighs…

In order to simultaneously address all the problems related to the signs of aging (skin loosening, cellulite, fine lines, and dehydration) in the different areas of the body, it is recommended that you use a comprehensive skincare product like Sisleÿa Anti-Aging Concentrate Firming Body Care . With its plant-based extracts that have been specifically selected to reinforce the skin’s natural firming properties and to nourish and hydrate skin, it works globally on all signs of skin aging on the body and creates an immediate smoothing effect.