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Dry skin is generally associated with a lipid production dysfunction at the epidermal level. 

Dry skin can be recognized by an even and fine texture,  matte appearance, constant sensations of dryness leading to discomfort and a tugging feeling over the entire face, as well as the appearance of fine lines, and a rough texture. 

In addition, the state of dry skin may deteriorate and skin irritation and sensitivity may be felt over the entire face.

Skin dryness is exacerbated by factors such as age, cleansers and tonics that are not adapted to the skin type, diet (lack of essential fatty acids), the sun, extreme climates and an inappropriate protection from these climates. 

How should I clean my dry skin ?

First, avoid hard water, which can cause skin dryness and dehydration, or make it worse.

Each morning, get rid of the impurities that have accumulated on your skin during the night and tone skin with Lyslait and the Floral Toning Lotion , which are perfectly adapted to dry skin.  If you like the feeling of washing you face with water, you may also prefer to use a gentle cleanser like the Soapless Gentle Foaming Cleanser before applying your lotion.

Each night, remove your makeup with a skincare product specifically designed for the fragile area around the eyes (for example, Gentle Eye and Lip Make-up Remover ) to remove all traces of makeup.  Then, use your makeup remover to remove the rest of your makeup and eliminate impurities. Finish by using a toning lotion.

Which daily skincare products should I use for my dry skin ?

To hydrate and nourish skin daily, use the combination of Confort Extrême Day Skincare and Confort Extrême Night Skincare . Confort Extrême Day Skincare leaves the skin feeling immediately comfortable and gives a radiant complexion. Confort Extrême Night Skincare gets rid of any tugging sensations, leaving skin feeling soft and supple.

You may later choose to substitute these products with an anti-aging skincare product adapted to your skin, like for dry skin.

How can I protect my dry skin ?

To help your skin look younger, longer, apply Sisley’s “anti-aging shield”  All Day All Year  year round.  It will protect your skin and help to combat against the harmful environmental stressors it encounters daily.